The McDonald’s window
through which the two deer jumped was blocked by police tape on Friday.

Pair of deer smash through
D.C. McDonald’s window

Four women taken to hospital

Friday, October 25, 2002
Posted: 2:57 PM EDT (1857 GMT)

of deer interrupted the lunchtime rush Friday at a McDonald’s restaurant
in Washington when they smashed through a plate glass window and pranced
around the store, a fire official said.

women suffered minor injuries — including abrasions to the head — as
they tried to get out of the animals’ way, fire department spokesman Alan
Etter told CNN.

    The women
were taken to a hospital. One of them complained of chest pains.

said the deer jumped through a 4- by 6-foot window about 11 a.m. and walked
through the dining area and the kitchen.

    One of
the deer jumped back through the window and escaped. Etter said he saw
the animal running nearby about an hour later.

    The second
deer suffered severe cuts, so animal control workers tranquilized it and
took it away to try to treat its wounds, Etter said.

    He said
he did not know how seriously the deer was hurt.

said the injured deer appeared to be an adult. He said he did not know
anything about the other deer.

    He said
he did not know what caused the deer to jump through the window.


24 OCTOBER 2002:

‘I cut off my arm to survive’

A lobster fisherman from
Maine in the US has told a BBC documentary on human instincts of the extraordinary
lengths he went to in order to preserve his own life:   Doug
Goodale cut off his own arm at the elbow in order to survive an accident
at sea.

    He had
become caught in a winch hauling lobster pots up from the sea floor, and
could not free himself.

    The power
of the winch left him hanging over the side of the boat, unable to either
free himself or clamber back aboard.

    ‘I did
it for my children’

    As the
boat was rocked by stormy weather, he believes it was only a last, desperate
instinct for self-preservation that kicked in to save him.

    He said:
“Nobody near you, no help, no radio, nobody to turn the radio off – that’s
it – you’re going to die.

he managed to haul himself back onto the deck, dislocating his shoulder
in the process.

    His motivation
was the image of his daughters appearing to him.

    “I don’t
know how to explain it to people, but I swear, climbing onto the boat were
my two girls.”

he was still trapped in the winch, bleeding heavily, and with no way of
getting free, his only option was to pick up a knife and cut through his
right arm.

    He then
managed to pilot his boat back into harbour to get medical help.

    He said:
“When my six-year-old tells me: ‘It doesn’t matter that you’ve only got
one arm – you’re here’.

if you heard that from your kids, wouldn’t you take a knife and do the

instincts are the theme of the first in a series of BBC documentaries starring
Professor Robert Winston.

are abilities and reactions which are imprinted in us by millions of years
of evolution.

babies have the instinctive ability to spit out bitter-tasting food – which
may save them from eating poisonous food.

    And modern
phobias, say scientists, are simply left-overs from times when spiders
and snakes represented a genuine threat to life.

the first years of life, humans develop a finely-tuned sense of “disgust”
which can protect them from items which might spread disease.

    And the
classic “fight or flight” response still works, with the first indication
of a threat launching swift brain activity to flood the body with adrenaline,
readying it for action.

instincts have been honed over 4.5 million years, and account for the natural
human preference for sweet or fatty foods.

harks back, say experts, to millennia in which such food was scarce – humans
who craved it tended to thrive better than those who did not.

    It is
only in the past 100 years that food has become plentiful in any part of
the world.

Instinct will be broadcast on BBC One at 2100BST on Wednesday 23 October.


22 OCTOBER 2002


Biography of Devendra Banhart
written by himself:

Born on May 30 1981, oh what
a time I had coming in. I was born in Texas. Stupid fucking boots. But
I like those boots, I wanna get a pair. Then , after a few years, i moved
to Caracas Venezuela, and I lived there, with my family, (we moved there
because my father was arrested and sent to jail) In Caracas, everything‚s
fucked, but I love my grandmother, whom fed whisky to me from her pinky,
paid me to touch my earlobes, and let me pull her elbow flab. As I first
became a teen-ager, my mother remarried and we moved to California, into
a canyon, Encinal Canyon. I began to play music. Then I moved to San Francisco
to go to an art school, There I lived with Jerry Elvis and Bob The Crippled
Comic. My first show was their wedding , I played my own adaptation of
How Great Though Art and Love me Tender. My next show was at Wazeima, an
ethiopean restaurant. I wonder why I want to tell you how about all the
shows ive played, I will not, the first two are the most significant, I
played many bad places, some good, some people I have played with are:
Black Hearts Procession,Microphones,Smog,Little Wings,Karl Blau,Vetiver,Flux
Information Sciences, The Lowdown,Young People, Old Time Relijun, Jerry
Lee Lewis 60th picnic party, and M.Gira, amongst many other faceless talents
, gay pirates.

I cant do this (too well)

I Devendra Banhart then moved
from san Francisco, to Los angeles, then to paris, then to San Francisco,
then to Los Angeles, then to New york, though, while In Los Angeles he
formed the Black Babies, so he can be Devendra Banhart or The Black Babies,
in New York, he is poor as shit , no, don‚t put that in , today , shit
man , its all coming apart , ive got no phone, news of getting kicked out
the squat , im trying to not let it get to me,blah blah blah)

Flutter away little flute.

In New york, he lives in
an old Salsa Club, it is a squat, a shot hole with a dead charm , as in
many people I know for a fact died there, today I found journals of the
boy who died there, he wanted to be an actor, I found his headshots too.
There is a room called the Helter Skelter room and its scary as shit. I
live there, there are no windows, there is no air, but its free.

For Devendra, he feels, that
Mississippi John Hurt, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Karen Dalton, Vashti
Bunyan, and Fred Neil are the most important musicians there ever was,
thank god for them.