ARTHUR BEST OF 2007 No. 29: Joe Preston

JOE PRESTON — “No particular order, and not specifically 2007. Just what’s been good since I moved back to the NW.”

1. Having a Grizzly lick cereal off my fingers.
2. Kids, getting to work with and hang out with them.
3. Volver
4. Annette Peacock live.
5. Rediscovering my record collection by getting to DJ every week.
6. All the old folks who stopped to see if I was OK after the Californians ran me off the road, especially the guy who loaned me his truck for the day to make repairs.
7. Marty’s still kicking it live.
8. Marnie Stern
9. Finally got to hear that other Burning Witch song.
10. Biff Lindstrom with Growing, Wolf Eyes, Reis, Carlo and Tyfus.
11. Elephant seals fighting by Hearst Castle

Joe Preston is a musician. He has participated in Earth, Melvins, Sunno))) and High on Fire, amongst others. He also does a solo project called Thrones. Some people claim Joe is the heaviest person alive.