Baltimore Underground Hippie Paper Imagery, pt 1

Here’s the first of a gaggle of posts we’ll be doing of images from newsprint hippie publications from Baltimore, 1968-71.

These are from Harry, which to quote Joe Vaccarino’s Baltimore Sounds: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Baltimore Area Pop Musicians, Bands & Recordings 1950-1980, “was founded in 1969 by Michael Carliner… After a rocky start, when the original staff revolted and walked out on the eve of the first issue’s press run, Harry became the choice alternative free [sic] paper of the Baltimore political and musical communities. Early contributors included Art Levine, P.J. O’Rourke, Tom D’Antoni, Alan Rose and Jack Heyrman. Harry survived many raids, takeovers and other traumatic events to provide alternative and community news at the height of the Vietnam, hippie, yippie era.”
<b>John Waters in a leopard-print dress, ca. Pink Flamingos premier.</b>
<b>detail from a stoned full-page collage of in-jokes, including a young Edith Massey and a goof on the idea that Jim Morrison is not dead but in hiding as an ice-skater in Maryland... (more on this later)
<b>Howdy Duty were lead by Fahey/Denson/Basho associate Max Ochs who has recently been noticed by some younger heads...</b>

4 thoughts on “Baltimore Underground Hippie Paper Imagery, pt 1

  1. HA!

    What a wonderful post! I was at WAYE AM between 1971 and 1972. Baltimore was a wide open town. I spent a lot of time at Painter’s Mill Music Fair in Reisterstown/Owings Mills, a wonderful 2500 seat theater in the round MCing concerts and enjoying myself.

    I remember Fleetwood Mac as an opening act for Savoy Brown.

    We did a small outdoor concert in Gwynn Oak Park just before I left for WHFS in DC. I played an opening set then Michale Goldberg played then Emmy Lou Harris.

  2. It sure would be a grin to have you flip that cover over and reveal the story they did on me when I was playing music those 8 years with Key Broadcasting & WKTK FM. What an abstract reflection of non-reality… John on one side and me on the other…now you know where he got some of his material! I’ll never complain though. God bless him and Harvey Freed. Those were some good times on the radio and some great talent at the ” Happenings ” at the Baltimore Civic center and many shows at Painters Mill. If you’d like, stop by and join me on The Great American Music Machine ~ All request radio – TGAMM FM. All the best… always…

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