"Currently there's a medium-sized coronal hole on the Sun's visible disk…"

31 OCTOBER 2002:
“Currently there’s a medium-sized coronal hole on the Sun’s visible disk…”



Spooky auroras light up autumn nights

By Richard Stenger

Thursday, October 31, 2002
Posted: 12:07 PM EST (1707 GMT)

(CNN) — Green ghosts, wispy
witches and other glowing phantoms are dancing and darting around in the
night skies of October, which has proved a particularly productive month
for aurora hunters the world over.

    Sky watchers
photographed everything from a floating fairy ring in Norway, multicolor
spires in Arizona and pulsating swirls in Australia.

    In Finland,
Juha Kinnunen captured a glowering witch face with a considerable schnozzle
and two greenish ghosts looming over the Lapland.

    “Of those
three images, only one looked like a ghost with my own eyes as well, for
a brief moment. The other two turned up that ‘spooky’ during the exposure,
which was 4 to 6 seconds,” Kinnunen said Wednesday.

shows you how an active aurora changes shape continuously. The ghost I
photographed appeared for one horrifying moment only.”

also known as the northern and southern lights, emit light as highly charged
particles from the sun excite atoms and molecules high in Earth’s atmosphere,
which creates a glow in the same manner as neon lights.

concentrated in the most northerly and southerly regions, particularly
strong aurora displays can extend down into the mid-latitudes. Northern
lights, for instance, occasionally creep down to Mexico.

    The seasonal
lights tend to perk up in the autumn and spring for reasons that are not
entirely clear. What scientists do know is that the strength and scope
of the sky shows are directly tied to solar activity.

time to time the sun unleashes powerful salvos of ionized gas that, if
they collide with Earth’s magnetic field, can spark nocturnal aurora displays
as well as disrupt satellites and power grids.

coronal holes in the solar disk can leak out strong gusts of solar wind,
which can produce the same striking results if headed in our direction.

is now exiting a solar wind stream that sparked numerous auroras since
October 23, according to NASA’s Spaceweather.com, which regularly posts
aurora images.

is a slim chance that trick-or-treaters in the northern United States and
Canada might see some ghostly auroras of their own on October 31st,” the
Web site said.

could be more eye candy in the works in November too.

there’s a medium-sized coronal hole on the Sun’s visible disk,” Kinnunen
said. “It probably will create auroras within less than a week.”




IGGY POP was by joined by

YORN in a STOOGES-covering tribute outfit last night

(October 29) at the HENRY
FONDA THEATRE in HOLLYWOOD at the concert for the

second annual SHORTLIST

Pop on vocals, Almqvist and Vigilante on guitars, MIKE WATT (Minutemen)

bass and Pete Yorn on drums,
the quintet’s surprise performance rounded off the

nearly four-hour concert
and awards ceremony.

    A curtain
lifted to unveil the group as they started straight in on The Stooges

track ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’.
The enthusiastic ensemble, who offered no in

between song banter, also
played the classics ‘No Fun’ and ‘TV Eye’.


it was a mindblow. ig went
off. he was also very nice to me.

what an honor. this cat
robin called me friday and asked me to it

right out of the blue –
mucha suerte. I still can’t believe it even

happened. even more amazing,
I didn’t really clam that much even

though I was shaking like
a leaf and ready to shit a pecan log. we

did “I wanna be your dog,”
“no fun” and “tv eye.” pete yorn was great

too as were the two cats
from the hives, pelle and mike – all

righteous peeps and we did
our best, nervous as hell to wail w/mister

iggy. right before, at the
baked potato in the val, I did “looking at

you” w/brother wayne kramer
and that was a blast too. lucky fucking


on both wheels

p.s. tonight I get to do
more stooges w/nels and kevin. I’m gonna

trade my head in for a pumpkin,
like I did w/j in cambridge a couple

of years ago


28 OCTOBER 2002


is launching a set of playing cards aimed at prompting people to take part
in a day of silent protest against “The War.”

will launch the ‘Silent Protest’ cards during a special presentation at
the Marx Memorial Library in London (October 29). Following the event,
he’ll move to The Foundry in east London, where Tracey Sanders-Wood will
release 1,000 helium-filled balloons.

to each balloon will be a randomly selected card from a pack of Silent
Protest. Anyone who retrieves one of the balloons and returns the card
will be sent a complete pack of Silent Protest.

    The cards
are just like regular playing cards. However, instead of numbers and suits
on the front are simple everyday phrases – such as ‘Today I’m silent as
a protest against the war’, ‘coffee’, ‘Where is the lavatory’ and ‘Fuck
you’ – which the silent protestor can use to get through.

world seems to want to go to war. I don’t want it to,” Drummond explained.
“Nobody who can do anything about stopping it is going to listen to me.

of thinking about my futility, I thought maybe I could manage a day of
silence, and I thought about the practicalities of getting through a normal
working day without saying a word. Maybe I could cut up a sheet of white
cardboard so that I would have a stack of cards that could fit in my pocket?
Instead of four suits there would be 52 cards with 52 short statements
or questions or single useful words – maybe leave a couple blank for whoever,
to add their own.

    “I might
not be able to manage more than a day of silence but if I got these Silent
Protest cards printed up and distributed to bookshops, maybe other people
would do days of Silent Protest which would soon mount up way past the
365 days that I originally envisaged.”

added that the silent protest was against “whichever war you want to stop:
the one in your family or bedroom; the one at work or the war in a far-flung


27 OCTOBER 2002

The Films of Kenneth Anger (Persistence of Vision, 1)

by Jack Hunter (Editor),
Mikita Brottman (Introduction)

List Price:   $17.95

Paperback: 128 pages ; Dimensions
(in inches): 0.47 x 8.30 x 7.04

Publisher: Creation Books;
ISBN: 1840680296; (February 2002)

Book Description

Kenneth Anger, responsible
for such classic underground films as Scorpio Rising and authoring Hollywood
Babylon, is almost certainly the most original, talented and subversive
film-maker of the 20th Century. Fully illustrated and featuring an original,
in-depth interview with Anger, Moonchild explores his fascination with
Hollywood history, the occult and Aleister Crowley,and reveals how he is
often hailed as the Godfather of MTV.

About the Author

Jack Hunter’s previous publications
include Eros in Hell: Sex, Blood & Madness in Japanese Cinema, House
of Horror: The Complete Guide to Hammer Films, and Inside Teradome: An
Illustrated History of Freak Film (all published by Creation Books).



The McDonald’s window
through which the two deer jumped was blocked by police tape on Friday.

Pair of deer smash through
D.C. McDonald’s window

Four women taken to hospital

Friday, October 25, 2002
Posted: 2:57 PM EDT (1857 GMT)

of deer interrupted the lunchtime rush Friday at a McDonald’s restaurant
in Washington when they smashed through a plate glass window and pranced
around the store, a fire official said.

women suffered minor injuries — including abrasions to the head — as
they tried to get out of the animals’ way, fire department spokesman Alan
Etter told CNN.

    The women
were taken to a hospital. One of them complained of chest pains.

said the deer jumped through a 4- by 6-foot window about 11 a.m. and walked
through the dining area and the kitchen.

    One of
the deer jumped back through the window and escaped. Etter said he saw
the animal running nearby about an hour later.

    The second
deer suffered severe cuts, so animal control workers tranquilized it and
took it away to try to treat its wounds, Etter said.

    He said
he did not know how seriously the deer was hurt.

said the injured deer appeared to be an adult. He said he did not know
anything about the other deer.

    He said
he did not know what caused the deer to jump through the window.