Against Civilization
Readings and Reflections Enlarged Edition

Edited by John Zerzan
Illustrations by R.L. Tubbesing
6 x 9 in, 275 pages
ISBN 0-922915-98-9, $14
publisher: Feral House

“With mass poisonings, global warming and other tidings of contemporary civilization threatening the planet, shouldnít we begin to reconsider our unthinking attachment to it?

“Feral Houseís new expanded edition of Against Civilization adds 18 new essays and feral illustrations by R.L. Tubbesing to the contemporary classic that provides 67 thought-provoking looks into the dehumanizing core of modern civilization, and the ideas that have given rise to the anarcho-primitivist movement. The editor of this compelling anthology is John Zerzan, author of Running on Emptiness (Feral House) and Future Primitive.”

ìI celebrate John Zerzanís anthology harboring the best of civilized peopleís critiques of civilization. Herein the reader will discover the questions that need to be asked and the insights that beg to be nurtured if humankind and the natural world as we know it are to thrive into the future. This book is that important.î ó Chellis Glendinning, author of My Name is Chellis and Iím in Recovery from Western Civilization

ìIt is its collective refusal to say ëHere is civilization: just accept ití that makes this volume so important. Read it and you will never think of civilization in the same way again. Or put any more faith than a grain of mustard seed in its unimpeded future.î ó Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Rebels Against the Future

ìThis is an extraordinary collection by the most important anarchist thinker of our time, a potent introduction to, as Zerzan so accurately puts it, the pathology of civilization. For decades now Zerzan has been articulating a practical and theoretical critique of civilization, and this bookóthough an edited anthology of his own and other peopleís essaysóbrings it all together in a compelling, undeniable way. I love all of Zerzanís books, but I think I love this one the best.î ó Derrick Jensen, author of A Language Older Than Words

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