"THE RAINBOW GOBLINS" at Advocate Gallery

from Erik Bluhm (Great God Pan mag/blog):

The rainbow as a symbol can represent many different concepts – creative imagination, cultural diversity, God’s promise, fleeting insubstantiality. In the gay community, it has been adopted as a political symbol, only to end up a token of kitsch.

It guy Darin Klein has curated a handsome show entitled The Rainbow Goblins that opens this Thursday in Hollywood.

“In Count Ul de Rico’s 1978 children’s book The Rainbow Goblins, the symbolism of the plight of the rainbow becomes a parable for corporate greed, ecological degradation and cultural commodification,” Klein tells us. “Inspired by this modern fairytale, where a meadow of wildflowers use their collective power to defeat the cruel plot of the eponymous goblins, this group exhibition re-imagines the rainbow as a celebration of the diversity and individuality of the artistic community and highlights the power of that voice to call for and instigate resistance.”

May 31 – July 15, 2007
Reception May 31, 6-9pm
With DJ Jeff Stallings from San Francisco
and a performance by mecca vazie andrews

Advocate Gallery
1125 N. McCadden Place
Los Angeles, Calif. 90038

Featuring the work of Adam J. Ansell, Erik Bluhm, BODEGA VENDETTA & PRVT DNCR, Nao Bustamante, Young Chung, Roy Colmer, Zackary Drucker, David Larsen, Matt Lipps, Jason Mecier, Lucas Michael, Max Miller, Amir Nikrava, Coco Peru, Terri Phillips, Aaron Plant, Steven Reigns, robbinschilds & A.L. Steiner, Christopher Russell, Ami Tallman, Jo-ey Tang, Aiyana Udessen, and Jim Winters.

Also at the Advocate Gallery, Landscapes by our friends from down San Diego way, Julia Dzwonkonski and Kye Potter.

“We’ve been painting greyscale rainbows into amateur landscape paintings for six years. We always try to paint the rainbow so that it compliments the scene and brings out the color and the life in these paintings.”