Sat Jan 31: "Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers" forum in NYC


Saturday, Jan. 31, 2 PM

Anarchist Forum: “The Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers”

A look back at the fascinating Lower East Side anarchist group first known in ’66 as a Dada art movement called the Black Mask, but then in ’68 became more active by feeding the poor, setting up crash pads, occupying a Columbia University building, promoting surrealist protests, shutting down MOMA, providing free weekly musical events and irritating the police. They became known widely as the Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers.

Speakers at the forum will be the Living Theatre’s Judith Malina, whose conversations with the painter Ben Morea, one of the group’s founders, led him deeper into anarchism, and Osha Neumann, who was an early member and has this year published a book on the history and soul of the group.

The event will take place at The Living Theatre, 21 Clinton Street, Manhattan (just south of Houston St) (212-792-8050). Coming from uptown, take the F or V train to “2nd Avenue” (exit front of train on 1st Ave, walk east along Houston and turn right on Clinton) or coming from downtown, take the F, V, M or Z train to “Delancey – Essex” and walk east on Delancey three blocks and turn left on Clinton for 2 and a half blocks.

Everybody is welcome and invited to come and to have their say. There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid the LBC is suggested.

If you have questions, contact the Libertarian Book Club/Anarchist Forum, 212-475-7180 or e-mail: roberterler (at)



Reggae for the weekend: Coxsone Dodd

When they were at the top of their game, the tuneful curators at the Magic of Juju were running one of the best audioblogs on the web. They’ve been quiet of late, but most of their collection of Indian ragas, Malian guitar jams and Indonesian field recordings is still available for your perusal.

They’ve also got a friend named “Jah(n)” who drops in every once in awhile to offer us these wonderful collections of classic reggae and dub, often previously unreleased and almost always ripped from the original vinyl singles. The last post from Jah(n) and the Juju crew came at the end of November, and it’s a doozy: Seven hours, give or take, of sides from seminal Jamaican producer C.S. “Coxsone” Dodd. Go check it out here.

Dodd–the founder of Kingston’s Studio One label–was born this week back in 1932, so we figured now is as good a time as any to overload our hard drives with his sweet irie jams. That, and, of course here in the Atwater office we’re looking at 80-degree temperatures this weekend and want to be ready should barbecues begin to spontaneously alight.



Did you miss THIS tour? That’s a shame. But if Cluster, Harmonia, Goblin or general krautrock-style psychedelia is your thing, try catching JONAS REINHARDT this weekend at DEATH BY AUDIO. The band is comprised of members from The Fucking Champs, Mi Ami, Crime in Choir and Trans Am, and they just put out a new record on the KRANKY label. This will be their first performance in Brooklyn after a while of touring with the likes of White Rainbow, Lucky Dragons and other friends on the west coast. Also on the bill are Aa, WHITE HILLS, ( ( ARP ) ) and SOFT CIRCLE. Guaranteed a good choice for your evening.

Date & Time: Saturday, January 31st – 8PM
Location: 42 S. 2nd at Wythe / Brooklyn, NY 11211
Price: $TBA (Go here for more info)

"We're all going one way, but we may as well get down to it while we're here"*

(*John Martyn talking about the themes of mortality on 1970’s Road To Ruin)


John Martyn’s two 1970 albums with his wife Beverley — Stormbringer! and Road to Ruin — are near perfect examples of lush, freewheeling ’70s folk music. There’s the intricate guitar picking that characterized his earlier work on albums like The Tumbler, and there are a few of the jazz affectations that defined his later, more experimental efforts like Bless The Weather and Solid Air. But mostly this is the sound of two people in love, holed up with pals like Levon Helm in the idyllic countryside of Woodstock NY — e.g. just look at the two Martyns huddled together on Stormbringer!‘s awesome cover (later appropriated by Wooden Wand & The Sky High Band for their 2006 album, Second Attention). On his website, John offers these memories of the sessions:

“It was the year of the festival. We just lived there and worked with Paul Harris very quickly and very briefly and we just went into the studio and did it very one-off, very swift. Levon Helm and Harvey Brooks we met in Woodstock and used them, just because they were friends. It seemed obvious that they should be on it. Dylan lived up the road, and Hendrix lived virtually next door. He used to arrive every Thursday in a purple helicopter, stay the weekend, and leave on the Monday. He was amazing…a good lad.”

Here’s my favorite song from the album, the absolutely magnificent “John The Baptist.”

Download “John The Baptist”

On his 2006 tour Will Oldham was playing a hybridized cover version of Martyn’s “John The Baptist” and another song on the same subject by Virginia country gospel players E.C. and Ornal Ball. Here’s an acoustic version of Oldham’s medley, from his August 2006 run at Joe’s Pub in NYC. (Thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for posting the complete Joe’s Pub sets back in December).

Download Will Oldham’s “John The Baptist”

Road to Ruin–also recorded in 1970–has more of the same but with lots more jazz playing. It includes the melancholy vacation anthem “Give Us A Ring,” in which the couple ask their friend Nick Drake to bring them something cool back from his time abroad.

Download “Give Us A Ring”

Martyn went on to make weird, wonderful records that spanned folk, improv, ambient and reggae, but those two albums with his wife — they divorced in the late ’70s — will always be my favorites.

John Martyn died today of pneumonia. He was 60. Various obituaries and remembrances after the jump.

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Assteroidz: Diamond Dave Edition

Q: Do you have Asteroids? A: No, but my dad does.

OMFG! We thought the mere IDEA for this thing was funny enough, but then Van Hagar’s ugly mug comes floating through the space debris. GENIUS. Forget the latest Tom Clancy nuclear holocaust first person shooter war porn: Diamond Dave’s Assteroidz is the video game of the year.

Find more wonderful Van Halen oddities over at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

"My relationship with the ninja was interesting on a couple of different levels."

The Roots of Culture

Alison Levy is a curator, writer and a blogger at the 2012 apocalypse fan-fiction forum Reality Sandwich. She’s posted a great interview with Arthur columnist Aaron Gach, of The Center for Tactical Magic. Check it out here.

In the midst of all the New Age therapy-speak in the comments — e.g. “i was the canvas i was doing the painting on, it was a shamanic abstract x-pressionist personal human sculpture” — “sonofman” jumps in to direct the RSers over here to Arthur to check out some of the Center for Tactical Magic’s contributions. Thanks, sonofman. Here’s a quick digest of the Center’s “Applied Magic(k)” columns, for your consideration:

Vanishing Act, from Arthur 32/December 2008

An Open Invocation, from Arthur 31/October 2008

The Roots of Culture, from Arthur 29/May 2008

Will Power To The People! from Arthur 27/November 2007

Calling All Ghosts, from Arthur 25/Winter 2006

BONUS: The Center for Tactical Magic at Psychobotany at Echo Park’s Machine Project, May 2007

Read an excerpt from the interview–in which Aaron explains what he learned from private eyes, ninjas and magicians–after the jump.

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