Arthur Radio Voyage #15: Supermercado de Sueños

This week we arrived at Newtown Radio as sunset was descending over Bushwick, and a mysterious blue and purple mist had started to fill the neighborhood. Feeling inexplicably sleepy, we stuck a little mugwort under the studio’s couch cushions, sprawled out on the floor, and immediately began to dream our way into Arthur Radio Voyage #15. We found ourselves in a lucid haze, lost in some kind of other-worldly superstore. Dancing our way down endless aisles of multicolored light bulbs, muffled music blaring happily over a faraway PA system, we reveled in the realization that dream worlds can feel every bit as real as waking life…

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Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #15 4-25-2010

Artists played this week…
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New golden tones from HACIENDA: "I Keep Waiting"


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Download: “I Keep Waiting”—Hacienda (mp3)

Sweet new one from C & D faves Hacienda—three well-dressed harmonizin’ Texan brothers and a cousin, whose second album, “Big Red & Barbacoa” is out from Alive Records on vinyl and the digital. Like their debut, it’s produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys…

RANGDA is (L-R) Ben Chasny, Chris Corsano and Sir Richard Bishop casually ripping it


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Download: “Bull Lore”—Rangda (mp3)

Album (“False Flag,” out May 18) and May-June UK/Europe tour info: Drag City website


Available from the Arthur Store:

Ben Chasny in Arthur:
No. 7 ($4.50)

No. 15 ($5.00)

No. 27 ($3.50)

Sir Richard Bishop in Arthur:
No. 27 ($3.50)

‘GWC’ Finale! (part 7) by Jesse Moynihan

Picture 90

Enjoy the miraculous finale of GWC, our next installment of ARTHUR COMICS.

About Jesse Moynihan:
Jesse Moynihan self published 2 books in 2005, and ran a strip in the Philadelphia Weekly. He’s been featured in Meathaus and Canicola anthologies. This year, Bodega put out a larger volume of his work called Follow Me. He recently collaborated with Dash Shaw on a strip that will appear in an upcoming issue of Believer Magazine. Recently, Jesse has been plugging away every Thursday on his webcomic, Forming, which is a sprawling account of human origins, transgender aliens, and ripped gods.

About Arthur Comics
We are proud to bring you Arthur Comics curated by Floating World. Stop by our oasis,, for a leisurely bath in our new interactive format, an exclusive collaboration with GreenerMags / グリーナーマガジン.

"Honest Strings: A Tribute to the Life and Work of Jack Rose" now available


From Thrill Jockey/FINA…

Jack Rose was a masterful musician and even greater friend and supporter of the underground music community. Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose is a massive and exceptional collection of heartfelt contributions from forty artists who were friends with Jack and/or inspired by his prodigious talents. Due to the running time in excess of six and a half hours, this collection is only available as a download. The downloaded file also features new original digital artwork from both Arik Roper and Alex Jako as well as a set of liner notes with thoughts about Jack Rose by many of the contributors including compilation curator Cory Rayborn (Three Lobed Recordings).

Here is the announcement from Three Lobed Recordings



It should come as no secret to anyone who reads these updates that we were pretty shocked about the December passing of our friend Jack Rose. While it has been tough around here and actions are no substitute for the man himself, we have been busy curating a download-only tribute “album” to Jack. This compilation is monstrous and insanely full of good material – it’s a very fitting tribute to the man.

“Honest Strings: A Tribute To The Life And Work Of Jack Rose,” is now up and available for sale exclusively from the download portion of the Thrill Jockey site, FINA. This compilation costs $15, an absolute bargain for what you are getting, with 100% of the purchase price going to Jack’s estate. The compilation itself is, get this, six and a half hours long. Yes, you read that right.

Follow this direct link ( to go to the compilation’s location at the FINA store where it is available for sale/download.

The list of featured artists is absolutely bonkers, too. Here it is, in no particular order:

Bardo Pond
D. Charles Speer
Rick Tomlinson
Heather Leigh
Stuart Leslie Braithwaite
Nathan Bowles
Joseph Mattson – reading from “Empty The Sun”
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Scott Verrastro / Nathan Bowles
No Neck Blues Band
Cian Nugent
James Toth, Kerry Kennedy and Jason Meagher
Cath & Phil Tyler
Black Twig Pickers
Spiral Joy Band
Byron Coley with Son of Earth
Alvarius B
Hans Chew
Six Organs Of Admittance
Chris Forsyth
Hush Arbors
Zaika with Paul Flaherty
Spectre Folk
Zaika with Loren Connors
Steve Gunn
Bill Nace
Luther Dickinson
C. Joynes
Danny Paul Grody
Elisa Ambrogio
Jenks Miller
Coach Fingers
Charlie Parr & Mike Gangloff
Lloyd Thayer

We are really proud of how this come came together and hope that you all enjoy it. We miss you, Jack.