1. Seeing Blue Cheer on the first two of their three reunion tours of the late aughts was..i dunno..indescribable. Missed the third cus thought there’d be another; lesson learned? DO IT! NOW!! Always.

    Both of the shows were like getting punched in the face by a magic-bear. The second tour, they came to my hometown of Lansing, MI. All the goonies came out; we were so excited that they’d come to our little dive, Mac’s. The promoter has these beautiful tickets specially printed; it was such a BIG DEAL to us skuxxies. And then it lived up to everyone’s impossible expectations!! Dickie looked like a grizzled old greyhound, Duck looked like a music school guitar teacher and Paul had to literally lock his arthritic hands onto the stixx, but when they started..geez..they blasted us all straight “out of our minds and into our bodies” (Tyner or Sinclair came up with that one, dunno which, Tyner prolly?). Under that beautiful, throbbing noise slab, there was no room for even the tiniest thought or acknoledgement of the existence of anything. We all just partied in rockroll Valhalla for a minnut. Together. Collective-like. They tied us to the tracks and ran a sonic locomotive over us all. Sonic colonix, as my boyfriend says.

    At the end, Dickie threw out his bass pick and it landed right between my feet. He had stuck double sided tape on the grip side so as to clear all impediments for his assault. When he died, I called my boyfriend right away to break it to him gently. As I was dialling, noticed a bird feather on the ground. As I was talking, noticed it was mournig dove feather. And how appropriate. We’ve still got it, with the bass pick, stuck to the special ticket in tribute. Michigan owes so much to Blue Cheer. Thanks, god-dudez.

  2. Wonderful acknowledgment. The original “Summertime Blues” b/w “Out of Focus” single changed me forever at the tender age of 14, and, never having seen Cheer Marks I or II, I was finally able to tell Dickie and Paul what they meant to me at one of their late-2000 shows. I swear, the sight of the hair-enshrouded Dickie Peterson in shots of the original lineup was enough to give me a hard-on, and those first 2 albums still blow me away.

  3. I was a 20-yr old college student when this album was released, and Summertime Blues was beyond fabulous …I played it over and over and over. One afternoon I played Summertime Blues (at full volume on my family’s Hi-Fi) for my best friend and boyfriend, and they just looked at each other, thinking that I had lost my mind. I really need to buy the remastered version because …I still love it. BTW, I never did drugs and I always loved heavy metal!!

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