An Arthur mixtape compiled by Jay Babcock

This new mixtape is now available direct from Arthur to your internet connection as a $3.00 digital download. It’s a collection of songs from recent releases that we’ve been digging lately, sequenced with care for the sensitive mind/ear.

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As an added bonus, each download comes with extended liner notes by long-lost Arthur “critics”/village fools C & D, and a large-size image file of the cover artwork by Lale Westvind.

Here are the songs featured on “Thoughtless Grin”:

1. DANIEL BACHMAN – “Sun Over Old Rag”

2. FEEDING PEOPLE – “Other Side”

3. ENDLESS BOOGIE – “Taking Out the Trash”

4. BOMBINO – “Aman”

5. RADAR BROTHERS – “Disappearer”

6. GAP DREAM – “58th St. Fingers”

7. SONNY & THE SUNSETS – “Pretend You Love Me”

8. DEVENDRA BANHART – “Won’t You Come Home”

9. MV & EE – “Turbine”

10. HERBCRAFT – “Full Circle (Eternally)”

11. ARBOURETUM – “Coming Out of the Fog”

Engineered by BOBBY TAMKIN at The Sound Ranch.
Cover artwork by LALE WESTVIND.
Liner notes by C & D.

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A link containing the “Thoughtless Grin” zip file (digital music file [192kpbs mp3], artwork, credits sheet, liner notes by C & D) will be emailed to you upon payment.

All proceeds help Arthur Magazine to resist economic pressures.

Thank you kindly, hope you enjoy. Oh, and the title? It’s from Edward Hoagland—more info on that in the download.

The Arthur Gang