Pre-order "POWR MASTRS 3", "IF 'N OOF" – get free silkscreen prints and personalized copies!

Exciting news from our friends at Picturebox, new books from C.F. and Brian Chippendale!  Observe this growing trend in small press publishing – smaller print runs, but also an awareness that just about every new art comics that comes out these days is essentially a limited edition.  That in itself is worth noting.  These are increasingly the best books on the shelves, but small press seems to be getting smaller and smaller distribution-wise.  Publishers like Picturebox recognize that this also allows more precious hand made details to go into the products.  It’s the equivalent of seeing your favorite musician in a small, intimate setting.  Vinyl and comic books, you’re an art collector/supporter and you didn’t even realize it.

We have two amazing graphic novels scheduled for November 2009 and February 2010. They are fantastic, vital works of art and we need your help to release them.

Powr Mastrs 3 (104 pages, 5.75” x 7.75”) continues CF’s visionary narrative about the complex relationships between mysterious beings in a place called New China. If ‘n Oof is Brian Chippendale’s 650 page, 5” x 7” magnum opus, a sprawling, hilarious tale of two pals wandering through a desolate, hostile landscape.

These two books are among the best graphic novels of our time, but they need your support. Like a lot of publishers, PictureBox is looking for new ways to navigate the current terrain. To that end, we are attempting to raise the money for these books ahead of time. It’s all an experiment these days.

So we are looking to you, as a community of readers, to help make these books a reality. Everyone that orders advance copies of one or both of these books (up until August 1) will receive the book itself and a signed silkscreen print upon the books’ releases. Everyone that orders in advance by June 20, 2009 will have their names hand-lettered in the book with their corresponding level of support (see below). We need about 400 of you per book to step up and help make this a reality. Let’s come together as a community.