"Fruiting Bodies" by Brian Chippendale at Cinders Gallery, 6/4 – 7/3

“Fruiting Bodies” by Brian Chippendale

Opening reception, June 4th 7-10pm

Cinders Gallery

103 Havemeyer St.

Brooklyn, NY 11211

Brian’s hyper busy mark-making achieves a similar barrage of rhythms akin to his drum playing in the band Lightning Bolt, obsessively filling up all available space until the viewer/listener is in a state of blissful frenzy.

Brian Chippendale comes to us from Providence, RI, where he has resided for the past 13 years. As a co-founder of now legendary art warehouse Fort Thunder, Brian has been an important part of the underground music and art scene that sprouted out of the Fort and other similar collective-living spaces. In addition to art and music, Brian is known internationally for his innovative comics and has just finished a new 800 page comic called “If N’ Oof,” to be published by Picturebox this Fall.

Brian has also shown his visual art at the Macro Future Museum in Rome, the Deste Foundation in Athens and the RISD Museum as part of Wunderground: Providence 1995 to the Present. This is his first solo exhibition at Cinders.

Picturebox reprints Mat Brinkman's MULTIFORCE!


This is awesome news.  I remember a friend of mine showed me some Paper Rodeos that a friend have brought him from the east coast.  My favorite was Multiforce, these full page densely psychedelic adventure comics that seemed like old Masters of the Universe D&D characters come to life.    I didn’t figure out who Mat Brinkman was until I saw his cover to the now legendary Kramers Ergot 4.  This morning I was very excited to see this announcement from Picturebox:

At last, all of Mat Brinkman’s 2000-2005 comic strip serial Multiforce is collected in one volume at its original printed size. 22 big pages of some of the best comic strips I’ve ever seen. PictureBox scanned and carefully retouched these pages in collaboration with Brinkman. Come with Brinkman as he creates, explores and explodes his visual universe. Deeply personal, extravagantly visual, often hilarious: Multiforce is nothing short of a masterpiece. Big claim? I guess. But then, why not? Most of all, it’s an incredibly enjoyable thing to delve into. So, please do.

Pre-order "POWR MASTRS 3", "IF 'N OOF" – get free silkscreen prints and personalized copies!

Exciting news from our friends at Picturebox, new books from C.F. and Brian Chippendale!  Observe this growing trend in small press publishing – smaller print runs, but also an awareness that just about every new art comics that comes out these days is essentially a limited edition.  That in itself is worth noting.  These are increasingly the best books on the shelves, but small press seems to be getting smaller and smaller distribution-wise.  Publishers like Picturebox recognize that this also allows more precious hand made details to go into the products.  It’s the equivalent of seeing your favorite musician in a small, intimate setting.  Vinyl and comic books, you’re an art collector/supporter and you didn’t even realize it.

We have two amazing graphic novels scheduled for November 2009 and February 2010. They are fantastic, vital works of art and we need your help to release them.

Powr Mastrs 3 (104 pages, 5.75” x 7.75”) continues CF’s visionary narrative about the complex relationships between mysterious beings in a place called New China. If ‘n Oof is Brian Chippendale’s 650 page, 5” x 7” magnum opus, a sprawling, hilarious tale of two pals wandering through a desolate, hostile landscape.

These two books are among the best graphic novels of our time, but they need your support. Like a lot of publishers, PictureBox is looking for new ways to navigate the current terrain. To that end, we are attempting to raise the money for these books ahead of time. It’s all an experiment these days.

So we are looking to you, as a community of readers, to help make these books a reality. Everyone that orders advance copies of one or both of these books (up until August 1) will receive the book itself and a signed silkscreen print upon the books’ releases. Everyone that orders in advance by June 20, 2009 will have their names hand-lettered in the book with their corresponding level of support (see below). We need about 400 of you per book to step up and help make this a reality. Let’s come together as a community.



EXCERPT: "COLD HEAT" 5/6 by Ben Jones & Frank Santoro

Did you hear the news earlier this year? Comic books are dead. But the the first rule of comics, if there are any rules at all, is that no one stays dead in comics. So no one really expected comics to stay dead for long did they?

It’s only been about two months since comics “died” yet here we have a brand new issue of Cold Heat, with staples and everything. So if one era of comics just ended (the one that started with Action Comics #1), then let this be the beginning of a new Golden Age. A lack of widespread distribution to comic shops is discouraging, but it’s not gonna stop creators who are this passionate about the art form.

Cold Heat is one of my favorite comics from the past couple years. Ben Jones’ writing is just as hilarious as his Paper Rad stuff. But this story’s already over 100 pages long, so he and artist Frank Santoro have a lot more room to play. If you’re new to the world of Cold Heat you can read the first four issues online. But I recommend finding the books. The colors and artwork look great on paper and you also get the bonus short prose stories that are only printed in the issues.

The series focuses on Castle, a high school student who is really bummed out because her favorite rock star was just found dead of an apparent suicide. This subject matter seems strangely appropriate to me because I remember exactly where I was when the radio announced that Kurt Cobain was dead. I was at a comic shop in Phoenix, going through some dollar boxes on the floor. I paused for a moment to listen to the report, then went back to the long boxes of cheap Vertigo comics. The surreal satire that follows has a nice stream of consciousness flow that reminds me of other favorites like Ed the Happy Clown or Gilbert Hernandez. There’s a brilliant twist that takes the series to a whole new level in one of the later issues. I shouldn’t have even mentioned it exists.

Here’s the first six pages of issue 5/6. We thought we were gonna have to wait for the whole story to be collected as a trade, but they couldn’t wait either so issues 5 and 6 have been self-published as a limited edition zine.  It’s a beautiful book.  The 100 copy print run is almost gone, but you can still get one from the Picturebox website


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