March 3, 2014

For many reasons, it’s now time for Arthur to go dormant. There are no further print issues of Arthur planned at this time, and our digital presence(s) will no longer be updated with new stuff.

We’re happy we got to do the three print issues we published in 2013, while being able to pay our contributors for the first time ever and fulfill all those old outstanding subscriptions. Deep gratitude to Jason Leivian and his Floating World Comics for co-publishing Arthur in this last phase.

So, it’s time to say goodbye, once again. Perhaps the mag will sprout again in the future, perhaps not. In any event, we hope we’ve been of some use, and thank everyone who’s been so sweet to us.

Thank you so kindly,

Jay Babcock and the Arthur Gang
Joshua Tree, CA * Portland, Ore. * Northampton, MA * wherever you can hear your footsteps

(Artwork by Arik Roper)

2017 postscript: Read Landline, a new email bulletin by Arthur editor Jay Babcock — “A small bailiwick outside the unceasing current of cruddiness: Irregular epistles intended for friends, colleagues, Arthur heads, pastoral people, plant people, rural country people, dharma people, herbalists, wild people and other curious sweetfolk.”

2016 postscript:  Check out Byron Coley’s fantastic Bull Tongue Review, now on its fifth print issue.

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