"Maggotron is on a bass crusade!"

1. Golden Age of Bass
2. Bass Crusades
3. The Bassman Rides
4. Pull the Sword from the Stone
5. Aleta
6. Cap’n Himbad
7. In Search of a Funky Khan
8. Knights of the Bass Turntable
9. Bassman of the Acropolis
10. Maggotron Has Got the Bomb
11. Back to Bassland
12. I’m Looking for a Queen
13. Midnight Lamp

“Maggotron’s third album is an adventurous attempt at a collection of songs that tell a connected story. The tracks are much different in structure than the previous two Maggotron Albums. Pedro Bell famous for his artwork and album covers for George Clinton as a solo artist and the group Funkadelic provides the artwork for this album. The Maggotron Logo gets a Funkadelic style makeover by Pedro as well on the cover.

The story and themes are loosely built around the Legend of Sir Arthur and other epic legends of ancient literature. The title is a play on words in the phrase “Horseman of the Apocalypse”. DXJ has Greek heritage, so Acropolis was thrown and well, Bassman goes without saying. Stars from the ‘Cut it up Def” label Jock D and DJ swift do the cuts and scratches, so all of you cut it up Def fans who have slept on this one may want toÔø?search it out.”

“The Bassman Rides”
As performed by MaggotronÔø?
Written By DXJÔø?
Copyright 1991
Published By Whooping Crane Music BMI

Ôø?Verse 1
(DXJ): Back to the Acropolis the mighty Bassman rode!
Ôø?Galloping to rhythms emanating from the stone.
Ôø?Resplendent in the saddle, mighty throbbers of the bass,
riding high throughout the country giving all who want a taste!
Ôø?Thru villages and settlements and even in the forest,
the Bassman rode to find the stone and vanquish the abhorrent.
Ôø?Remnants of the battles fought before could still be seen,Ôø?
to some it was a nightmare and to others just a dream!Ôø?

(DXJ a Korg DVP): The Bassman rides!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): The legend begins!
(DXJ a Korg DVP): His stallion glides!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): Inherit the wind!

Verse 2
(DXJ): The merchants and the traders in their wake would try and cop,Ôø?
the essence of the throbulations while the bottom drops!
Ôø?They influenced the artists and musicians as they rode,Ôø?
and taught the Bassentelechy to peasants in abodes.Ôø?
Thru darkest night and stormy skies and scorching brutal sun, they rode to find the funky stone and prove to be the one,
Ôø?who brings the bass to every race, regardless of the cost,
and slaughters any infidel who claims to be the boss!

(DXJ a Korg DVP): The Bassman rides!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): The legend begins!
(DXJ a Korg DVP): His stallion glides!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): Inherit the wind!

Verse 3

(DXJ): Confrontating all the perpetrating evil swine,Ôø?
spanking them with throbulations to the heart and mind.
The mighty riders galloped getting closer to their quest,
Ôø?the center of it all the funky bass forest.
Though harried by their journey, they kept their strong desire,Ôø?
to pull the sword out from the stone and take their nation higher!Ôø?
A clearing in the forest soon revealed a secret cave,
a stranger soon appeared and shouted this aint a charade!

(DXJ a Korg DVP): Stomping out the dark!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): Jumping to the Bass!
DXJ a Korg DVP): Stand by for the drop!
(Terry Gil and Marc The 808 Bass Queen): Maggotron is on a bass crusade!

Verse 4
(DXJ): Into the cave they ambled with the guidance of the groove,
a cryptic doorway opened to reveal a secret room.
Inside you could hear tunes, of past and future throbbers,
and at your feet the charred remains of varied chamber robbers.
Long at last the riders task was now put to the test,
would they yank the sword or would they end up like the rest.Ôø?
While riding thru the nations they acquired many things,
And now the time has come for them to see who would be the king.

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