hello dear friends and neighbors!
how are you?
oh i hope you are well as can be!
what are you doing saturday night?
if you are looking for a great time…
come to our show!
the most beautiful show that ever lived!!
also known as califunya!
a musical variety show with
songs, dances, comedy, love!
with becky stark (that’s me), miranda july (!), jim drain(*), peter glantz(^), ron rege jr (%), josh fadum($), eleni mandell (!), paloma parfrey (!), mecca andrews (?), darcey leonard (+), steve g. on piano (!!) and many others!
with spectacular costumes! a dance chorus! a beautiful child!
this show is a night for epic celebrations!!!!
please, oh please, come join us with your breath to lift the wings of the world~! in laughter~
the address is

at the steve allen theater- 4773 hollywood blvd. LA, 90027
the show begins at 8:00 pm and tickets cost $10!!
it’s possible to buy them ahead of time if you like to see into the future!
you can call
or go to

Bring peace! Laugh long! Hooray for love!
i love you and we do forvever and ever,
love, becky

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