“Crucial re-press and re-design of the Dark Yoga CD that came out in very limited numbers a little while ago.

“Dark Yoga is an obscure Northwest American Psychedelic NOW VIBRATIONAL Music Commune founded in early 06 by Adam Forkner, Honey Owens, Brian Thackeray, Matt McDowell, Aria Benner and Dan Barone. Dark Yoga’s music is a heavy heavy weird brown fog of loose psychedelic improv in a fuzz-wah style with 70’s Miles vibes, distant flutes, bongos, etc etc etc.

“LIVE BROADCAST: HEAVY TRUTH is a Radio Transmission from the Spiritual Heart of this Commune at the Apex of their groove recorded in May of 2006. Its an hour-plus of continuous improvisation that wanders from heavy psyche fuzz funk to strange passages of pastoral hippy bongo and flute melt-downs, and everything in between…

“EDITION OF 100 in hand-screened covers”

New Ribot on Tzadik


“Asmodeus: Book of Angels Volume 7”

Cat. # 7362
Released Jun 2007
cd time – 38:30
US Price $16.00

1. Kalmiya
2. Yezriel
3. Kezef
4. Mufgar
5. Armaros
6. Cabriel
7. Zakun
8. Raziel
9. Dagiel
10. Sensenya

John Zorn: Composer, Conductor
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Marc Ribot: Guitar
G. Calvin Weston: Drums

“Three of the most intense musicians on the planet come together in one of the most explosive and rockin’ ensembles around. An original member of the Masada family since its inception, no one is more keenly equipped to handle a rock trio interpretation of the Book of Angels than Marc Ribot. Joined here by the versatile Trevor Dunn (Fantomas, Moonchild) on bass and the legendary G.Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman, James Blood Ulmer) on drums, Marc plays like never before, referencing Hendrix, Sharrock, McLaughlin, Ulmer and more. Masada music takes on a whole new dimension. Passionate and powerful, this is one of the most compelling installments in the entire Masada series and contains some of Ribot’s wildest and best playing ever. This CD will blow your mind.”

The Drama Review (TDR) number 43: Spring 1969, The Living Theater Issue


from the Stefan Brecht’s Article: Revolution at the Brooklyn Academy.

The Living Theater’s four splendid spectacles were a great event. Like an astonishing portion of the country’s popular music, they proved to be in content and form outside the social system, not structured by it nor, except as outlet, implementing it: liberated territory.

Below is a script for the anti-theater masterpiece(?) Paradise Now.
“This chart is the map. The essentail trip is the voyage from the many to the one. The plot is revolution.”

In the film Paradise Now documenting a performance of the piece in Brussels and Berlin, the “actors” after haranguing the audience for hours, with naked calisthenics and existential questions like “why can’t I smoke marijuana”, yell something like, “leave the theater, the real theater is in the streets”. People tumble toward the door, presumably heading for some kind of barricade.


The Living Theatre at Ground Zero – July 1 and 4

(above: The Brig cast protest in Times Square)

“Join us to demonstrate our refusal to be complicit in this unjust war.

Two free street theatre performances of THE BRIG

Ground Zero: Church Street (at entrance to PATH train)

Sunday July 1 4pm

Wednesday July 4 2pm

Dear friends,
The Living Theatre has a long history of political street theatre: from the slums of Brazil (where the company was imprisoned for 2 months) to the steel factories in Pittsburg our political theater work against violence in all its forms continues with plays like Not In My Name (1994) against the death penalty and more recently No Sir! which we play in front of the Armed Forces recruiting station in Times Square.
We also have chosen to open our new theatre here on Clinton Street (LES) with the revival of The Brig: a play written by a Marine in the late fifties and presented by the Living in 1963. It not only won many awards but Howard Taubman and other critics called for a congressional investigation which led to policy changes in the treatment of Marines in their own brigs. It has again received an Obie as well a many incredible reviews, many writing about its pertinence to today’s war climate and specifically about Guantanamo and Abu Grav.
But this is not enough! Not enough to simply work for a paying public. Thus in these last weeks we have been presenting The Brig in the street: in Union Square and also Columbus Circle. Now we are going to Ground Zero where this new cycle of violence and war has started.
I don’t have to tell you guys about the worsening situation in Iraq, or Afghanistan. Our banners say: Support the troops AND Stop the war. If in your busy schedules you would like to collaborate with us we would be more than happy. We could do a benefit performance here on Clinton Street for your group but, to the point, we invite you to join us at Ground Zero for two showings of The Brig.

We are inviting lots of friends and reaching out to other groups. We believe also that some press will be there, and some “friends” from the other side.
See you there!

Gary Brackett
The Living Theatre

The Living Theatre
212 792 8050