The Big Arthur Store Blow-Out, begun a couple of weeks ago, concludes THIS COMING SUNDAY NIGHT. We’re very pleased indeed to report that we’ve now sold out of one of the CDs and more than one-third of the back issues are no longer available, with a few items right on the edge of becoming goners. The remaining stock has been severely discounted, to put it mildly. Some mags are as low as $2, some CDs as low as $3. After tomorrow, Sunday, March 2, anything in the Store not spoken for goes on the compost heap or in the recycle bin. THIS IS IT. Do what you feel the need to do: arthur.bigcartel.com

And with that, it’s time to say farewell. It has been a pleasure to get to do our thing for so many years. Thank you to all who made it possible. May we meet again.

The Arthur Gang


The 7th annual Austin Psych Fest is coming up in May and the lineup for this three-day celebration is praiseworthy as always. A festival featuring BOMBINO, TEMPLES, GRAVEYARD, WHITE HILLS, WOODS, MOON DUO, PANDA BEAR, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, LIARS, DEAD MEADOW, GAP DREAM, STEVE GUNN, GREG ASHLEY, MARK MCGUIRE, THE ZOMBIES (!!!), EARTHLESS, BARDO POND, DESTRUCTION UNIT…? Get out! You and those dearest to you have no choice but to attend. Buy as many tickets as possible NOW NOW NOW via austinpsychfest.com

Here’s the latest poster with the full line-up…



Because so many people have been asking for some clarification as to Arthur’s future:

There are no further issues of Arthur planned at this time. We’re happy we got to do the three issues we did in 2013, while being able to pay our contributors for the first time ever and fulfill all those old outstanding subscriptions.

The online mail-order Arthur Store will be open until March 2, 2014. At that point, all unsold backstock will be chucked on the compost heap or into the recycle bin. Everything has been discounted. A number of items are now sold out and have been removed from the Store. Go here to grab stuff for cheep: arthur.bigcartel.com

This website, as well as the Arthur Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages/feeds, will stop being updated on March 3, 2014.

For many reasons, it’s now time for Arthur to go dormant. Perhaps the mag will sprout again in the future, perhaps not. In any event, we hope we’ve been of some use, and thank everyone who’s been so kind to us.

Thank you so kindly,

The Arthur Gang
Joshua Tree, CA * Portland, Ore. * Austin, TX * Northampton, MA * wherever you can hear your footsteps


(Artwork by Arik Roper)