Dear Chambo,

Do you remember on our last sojourn through the great state of Texas when that huge baby in a cop uniform pulled us over for going sixty eight miles an hour in a sixty five mile per hour zone to check us for knives and Xanax (thank god we’d left that bullshit behind like I told you to).



I remember the way the flashing lights let me look into the deep cerulean blue eyes of the curious cop’s soul to see a man who just wanted to know what we were doing out in West Texas this time of night.

Well, Dan it turns out that I was wrong, those curious eyes wanted to take us to jail because of a thing that all cops use called “profiling.” I didn’t believe it until I saw the movie done by an ex-Texas drug force trooper who is cool now that he smoked a joint after he was jailed for not returning Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 to the video store. And guess what? Turns out that jail in Texas sucks.

And then Barry Cooper realized that he had been putting people in a terrible place “and terrible position to get raped or even shanked which is stabbing.” Barry has to smoke pot now because he put so many people in jail for smoking flowers, man. It tripped him out so bad that he made a movie for the likes of freaky people he used to beat up on back in high school called Never Get Busted Again with Chambo—whoops, I mean it’s called Never Get Busted Again with Barry Cooper.

Then as if that wasn’t enough he went to Canada and did a three-foot bong hit on YouTube before launching into a dissertation about how much nicer the potheads where when he busted them compared to winos.

Then he even rented a house in Texas and pretended to grow pot but it was all just a set up to get the cops to do an illegal raid (drugs do weird things to your brain Dan). And they did it. It’s called Kopbusters and it has a Beastie Boys soundtrack, who I know are your favorite band.

Then he gets all crazy and tells you how to set up a grow house without getting busted. Must be the weed has got to his brain and he has done gone reefer mad!


I’m not kidding Dan, if you are going to continue to drive around armed and profiling yourself with whatever drugs you are on that makes you get hair cuts you have to watch this movie now, and look up Barry Cooper while you are down in that awesome state.

Barry Cooper says if you see that baby cop again don’t touch your head because it lets him know that you are lying about that knife collection that you keep under the dashboard. Luckily we took enough Xanax to forget about it, so we weren’t even lying. That’s why we got away.

Remember Dan, policemen are your friends, if they have gone to jail and smoke weed on youtube.

Viva Terlingua. Tell the Doodlin Hogwallops “wassup” for me. (Can we get a picture of this band godammit?)

love dave


  1. Yeah, that guy’s a douche. NPR did a story about him a while ago, and it was a little exciting to hear Robert Siegel say the phrase “tips on avoiding a drug charge” over the radio. Looking back, my excitement seems a little like the Stockholm syndrome. Like, since he had a stupid, selfish reason to quit doing awful things to other people, well, THAT makes him alright. Guess when they kick at my front door, I’ll go with my hands on my head and would anyone like me to lay down still on the pavement, as well, thank you, sir?

  2. Beth,

    You think it’s selfish to stop harming people? It’s not selfish, it’s enlightenment. My parents, the church and public schools taught me that anybody using drugs is evil. When I learned this was not true, I quit and am now helping citizens stay out of jail.

    How is that being a douche?

    Barry Cooper

  3. I had about give up on you guys after I heard about being in jail in New Orleans, but none-the-less, glad everything is alright. If ya need a picture, feel free to scam one from the myspace page, or shoot me an email at txmuzkfan@yahoo.com, and I will see what I can come up with…come back out to far west Texas next time ya can, or get us some damn shows in LA ha…not Louisiana, we have that under control…ta-ta…Neil

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