Thursday late night music: Willie Lane



Download: “Mind Herb Gardens” – Willie Lane

“Mind Herb Gardens” is a spooky beaut off Known Quantity by Philadelphia-based guitarist Willie Lane, which was glowingly reviewed earlier this year by Arthur columnists Byron Coley & Thurston Moore in Bull Tongue Top Ten No. 3. They wrote:

“Great new guitar record out by William “Willie” Lane, called Known Quantity (Cord Art). Willie lived up here in Western Mass. for a good long while and was involved in lots of weird musical shit. Not much of it got proper documentation, however, although Child of Microtones did issue a fine CDR, Recliner Ragas , a few years back. Anyway, Willie moved down to Philadelphia a couple of years ago, and we get a chance to hear him now and then when we’re down there, or he chooses to hit the road with one of the MV & EE traveling carnivals. But his solo work has always been amazing and rare. Well, not so rare this week. There’s this new LP, and it was recorded throughout 2006-2008, and is a total blast. Willie’s mostly solo (save for some licks by Samara Lubelski) and his playing ranges from Wizz Jones power-pluck at its cleanest to Michael Chapman electro-smear at its phasingest. But Willie knows his stuff cold and this instrumental slide through the gates of Neverland is one of this year’s great rides.

The album is available on vinyl only, directly from Mr. Lane. Email the good man at to arrange delivery of a known quantity of Known Quantity.

4 thoughts on “Thursday late night music: Willie Lane

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