Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tomorrow, August 12

Head to the hills and turn your eyes skyward! The heavens will soon be alight with blazing fireballs as debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet continues to disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere. The Perseid meteors have been burning out across the sky since mid-July, and according to StarDate online, the bombardment peaks “early afternoon on the 12th, so the morning of the 12th (midnight to dawn) and late evening are the best times to watch from the U.S.” There’s also gonna be a pretty big moon, so that’ll reduce visibility a bit. Though here in Los Angeles the light pollution’s so bad we’ll have to plan a damn road trip to have any chance at seeing these suckers. Or maybe we’ll just sit on the porch and watch the LAPD helicopters hunting through Frogtown with their searchlights, just like any other night.

More information on just what is going on can be found at Discover, StarDate and National Geographic.

5 thoughts on “Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tomorrow, August 12

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