Chambo's Internet Activity Pages for August 27, 2009

“Dr. Pek van Andel was a natural choice to investigate how somebody had attached a dried bull’s penis to the Oxford ox.”

• DID YOU KNOW THAT VIDEO IS A PR0N?: This is a scientist-made porno movie called “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Male and Female Genitals During Coitus and Female Sexual Arousal.” It’s maker, Dr. Pek van Andel, seems to be a deeply pervy researcher who is able to conjure funding so that he can pay people to copulate in an MRI chamber. The narrator suggests that this video is of interest to “specialists,” as well as “laypersons who have an interest in reproductive anatomy” which is, y’know, pretty much everybody with a working pair of ovaries or testes, right? If you really are curious about such things — and not just for onanistic ends — then click here to read the New Scientist article with all the dirty details. And if you’re just watching because this is the sort of thing gets you wet, just wait ’til you check out the totally NSFW X-ray blowjob pics that have been in the top five posts over at Ballardian for the last year solid. HUBBA HUBBA! [New Scientist via The eXiled]

• READING RAINBOWS: When Stephen Beachy was 19, he took some acid and wandered into a “room full of cadavers.” “Whoah,” he said. Beachy colors his micro-reviews of “12 hallucinogenic novels and 8 inebriated memory pieces” with plenty more such anecdotes, guiding the lysergically-minded reader through canonical works from P.K. Dick and Burroughs, along with underexposed masterpieces; my personal favorite being Denis Johnson’s oft-maligned psychedelic California noir, Already Dead. [SFBG]

• TOO HIGH ON A MOUTAINTOP: Look, just to get this out of the way right off: The guys and gals that sit in trees with, like, a bowl of oatmeal and a hacky sack and manage to stop burly fuckers in bulldozers with giant bags full of explosives from BLOWING THE BRAINS OUT OF MOUNTAINS across Appalachia are H-E-R-O-E-S. Of all time. True heroes. Build a statue and we should all lay flowers down in front of it until the end of days. Click here to go read about all of their laudable activities in Grist.

But when they put their video up and it’s them sitting in a tree in West Virgina with hyper-earnest folk music about “grandaddy workin’ in da mountains/unlike the ‘splosion miners of 2day” it sucks all the swagger out of the thing. I understand why these fighters can’t go up there with shotguns and just cap anybody who thinks it’s a good idea to “remove” a mountain, but at least they could score it with jams that sound a little more, I dunno, aggravated. Next time let’s make one of these videos with Lightning Bolt or something like Wolves in the Throne Room’s “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog” or maybe “Hate Crystal” if you still want to keep some of the crusty vibrations. Otherwise you’re unnecessarily wimping it up in front of the whole group. Like Jensen says, “this is war.” [Grist]

“I never knew baked beans could be such a triumph, such a prayer, such a song,” says Pioneer Woman in her introduction to this recipe for “Best Baked Beans Ever.” What is the secret of these tasty beans? “Start with eight slices of bacon …” and it just goes from there. [The Pioneer Woman via Serious Eats]

• FRESH HEADERS: Aren’t those new Arthur headers sweeet? [Into the Green]

4 thoughts on “Chambo's Internet Activity Pages for August 27, 2009

  1. What’s the “next time let’s” nonsense? You sound like a mean girl from middle school. If you want a mountaintop removal protest video that plays Wolves in the Throne Room, then make one.

    Anyway, this video might be effective. People organize community weight-loss programs based on the Biggest Loser.

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