ARTHUR RADIO VOYAGE #7: Alien Receptor

Another freeform blast set off from a location hidden deep inside the Newtown Radio labyrinth…sit back and allow the soundwaves to reverberate over you as the Arthur Radio team busies itself with scooping musical gems out of the debris.

Stream: [audio:

Download: Arthur Radio 2-28-2010

This week’s playlist…

Doug Mesner – Good and Bad UFOs
The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You / Clara Rockmore – Vocalise
Baby Grandmothers – Somebody’s Calling My Name
Ivy Receptor – Solar Flare In
Roland P. Young – Curls
James Ferraro – Blacktop Tumble Weed / Headlines (Access Hollywood)
Axolotl – Bonds II (Excerpt)
Growing – Innit
Chmmr When Agitated – Epsilon
Salem – Red Lights
Jah Division – Dub Disorder
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Underground
Men’s Recovery Project – Normal Man
Vibracathedral Orchestra – Wearing Quid Frock
Frank O’Hara – Ode To Joy
Tone-Float Organization – Tone Float
Mick Jagger – Invocation of my Demon Brother
Tart – The Rabbits of Magtarau Pt. 2
Kwaku Baah & Ganoua – Trance
Saddar Bazaar – Sukoon
Amen Dunes – Diane
LSD March – Empty Rubius Red
Michael Bloomfield – Gonna Need Somebody On My Bond
Forest Swords – Hoylake Misst
Congregacion – Arrebol

5 thoughts on “ARTHUR RADIO VOYAGE #7: Alien Receptor

  1. That picture made me actually gag a little bit. Scroll by kinda quick and it almost looks like a black hole is about to suck that industrial park right in.

    Good trax, though!

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