New Brightblack Morning Light jam for youse


photo: Lisa Law


“Breezey While They War On” — Brightblack Morning Light (mp3)

New BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT mix, courtesy Hearted Hand Limited.

R. Hughes-keys
Matthew Davis-trombone
PM Townsend-drums
M. Bauer-saxophone

3 thoughts on “New Brightblack Morning Light jam for youse

  1. wow, love the ‘faith’/’pornography’ vibe going on here (though i have trouble imagining n. & r. listening to the cure).

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  3. i read a 3-4 (?) page article about Bright Black Morning Light, and kept it as a cherished piece because it so intrigued me. i lost the magazine when i moved and it was tragic for me. i took great pleasure on re-reading the article on BBML’s outlandish way of life. i was sincerely jealous and inspired by the apparent peace they found in the life they made for themselves.

    is there any way i could get my hands on another copy of the article? i have SOME money.
    but would happily pay for the cost to ship it? please email me back even if Barring bad news.

    love and best,
    Isa DF

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