This week’s collage, including illustration of Alejandro Jodorowsky by Will Sweeney and photo of Ira Cohen by Gerard Malanga. Double-click for fullscreen + scroll.

Let’s take a silver train underground
to the back streets of Atlantis
thru the corrugated iron roots &
then to the peak itself, to the
saddle of the last ridge past strewn
finally meandering thru cascading snow
wearing miner’s hats on the perpendicular
dark night &
going up to the edge of the Southern Cross
where we reach at last the pure white
glistening glaciers &
begin to chant over bones in rags
of Scorpio
Armless in the sticky substance how could
they ever have had a chance?
Permission will not be required
only poems of blood offered to
the memory of TREE
It is not ice which is eternal
but the fury of the absolute
separating the void from the spirit
of man,
uplifting like life when it is used
against itself,
that is, Radical Love — & again, we
are reduced to living beings
Caught by the instant
we are taken away
We live in the imprint of the flame
& we are helmeted within the internal
where the ray begins its passage
across the indignant sky
Vain clouds uncaring in a tangle of
culminate in the hermaphroditic mirror…

– Ira Cohen (taken from “Atlantis Express”)

Read more of Ira’s dome-shaking poetry here.

Stream: [audio:
Download: Arthur Radio Transmission #13 4-11-2010

This week’s playlist…

[DJ set by Hairy Painter, Ivy Meadows + Visitation Rites]

Tim Hawkinson – Uberorgan, Part 1
excerpt from “Celestial Navigations” by Al Jarnow
Maria Chavez – live 04.17.2008
Ann Magnuson – Made for TV 1/2
Run DMT – excerpt from cassette released on Curatorial Club
J.G. Ballard – Superego
Ira Cohen – excerpt from home recording, October 2003
Ali Jihad Racy – The Boat of Millions of Years
The Medium is the Massage with Marshall McLuhan
LSD – a documentary report on the current psychedelic drug controversy!
Pink Floyd – “Brain Damage
The Fugs – “The Garden is Open”
Up Died Sound – “Dust”
Andrew Cedermark – “Ad Finitum”
The Luv’d Ones – “It’s Quiet”
New Yoga – “Lizard Visions”
Silver Apples – “Misty Mountain”
Steve Hillage – “All Too Much”
Kim Fowley – “Kim Vincent Fowley
The Phantom Band – “Phantom Drums”
Michael Yonkers – “Lovely Gold”
Corsano-Flower Duo – “Cocoa Mouth Paralysis”
Omar Khorshid – “Guitar El Chark”
Charley Patton – “Mind Reader Blues
MV & EE – “Hymn To The Seer”
Alejandro Jodorowsky – Times Square interview
A.M Jopek , Maciej Maleńczuk – “W moich ramionach
Charlemagne Palestine – “Island Song
Sonny & The Sunsets – “Stranded” (from new 7″ The Hypnotist b/w Stranded)
Arthur Russell – “Goodbye, Old Paint”
Collie Ryan – “Cricket
Galwad y Mynydd – Galwad y Mynydd
Environments – “Sailboat” cassette
Brightblack Morning Light – “Breezey While They War On
Freud on Id, Ego, Superego
Cloudland Canyon – “Dambala” (played @ 33 rpm)
Deep Listening Band – excerpt from “Ione” (1989)
Arp & Anthony Moore – “Slow Moon’s Rose” from their 12″ Frkways Vol. 3
Parmegiani – L’oeil Ecoute
Tim Hawkinson – Uberorgan, Part 2

7 thoughts on “Arthur Radio Transmission #13: CLOUDS IN THE HERMAPHRODITIC MIRROR

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  2. Hey! that’s my Jodorowsky illustration from the Guardian! You could have asked!…I don’t mind really, but it would be nice to be credited on the mighty Arthur..
    Best, Will.

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