Arthur Radio Transmission #16 w/ Spectre Group

This week on Arthur Radio we invited the Spectre Event Horizon Group to create an original and undoubtedly mind-expanding segment for the show (you may otherwise know them on the Arthur blog as secret santa, purveyors of obscure and highly relevant technological, biological and environmental information of this day and age). Here’s a description of their first audio documentary contribution, straight from Spectre themselves:

Spectre begins its experiment with radio by getting a tutorial from Albie Tabackman, an inventor + osteopathic physician who – among many other cool projects – has got a customized electric delorean up on blocks in his backyard. He’s also our friend Max Fenton’s dad, who joins us as well: lately Albie’s been working with stirling engines, and today they both kindly help us understand how it is stirling engines work and why we should each have one under our kitchen sink. Or don’t you want your own personal emission-free power plant?

More on stirling engines from the Spectre vault:

Stream: [audio:

Download: Arthur Radio Transmission 16 w/ Spectre Group 5-2-2010

This week’s playlist…

[hairy painter + ivy meadows dj set]
holgar czukay – atmosphere tuning
malcolm maclaren – madame butterfly
eric copeland – corn on the cob
boris – Olhei para o vento varrendo as nuvens [2LP Version]
bo diddley – bo diddley-itis
group bombino- kamoutalia
70’s thai orchestra – side b
destroy 2 – we got a jazz / standing piss is legal
ventures – sleep walking
morton subotnick – silver apples of the moon
tune-yards – you yes you
david crosby – i can’t even remember my name
morly grey – who can i say you are?
delia & gavin – days of mars
sun ra – the cosmic explorer
roedelius – remember those days
pale blue sky – fleece
werner herzog – excerpt from mr. lonely by harmony korinne
koshi miharu – heidenroslein
ufo or die – dog wave
talking heads – fela’s riff
red shadow the economics rock and roll band – labor is value

spectre event horizon grooooooop!!!!! (@ around 53 mins)

prince rama of ayodhya – kegs of acid 7″
fugs – couldn’t get high
john fahey – when the catfish is in bloom

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