Arthur Radio Voyage #18: Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean w/ DJ Ron Like Hell

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Many leagues below a murky, oil-filled pocket of subtropical waters off the southern coast of the United States, abyss creatures continue to communicate through light and vibration. In the “midnight zone,” a formidable black swallower feeds off of a hydrothermal vent, shrouded in a darkness thicker and blacker than deepest outer space. An opalescent dumbo octopus floats serenely by, her shiny coating picking up hints of a nearby jellyfish‘s flashing stroboscopic light, which illuminates a pulsating haze of red around them. On the very bottom of the ocean floor, a sea dandelion sits quietly, swaying back and forth to the rhythm of tectonic plates stirring below her…

Above: Special guest DJ Ron Like Hell, a resident purveyor of good taste and mind-expanding musical knowledge at northern Greenpoint’s favorite record-vending establishment, Permanent Records. If you are in the New York area on Friday, June 11th, go see him DJ at The Loft above Public Assembly.

Stream it: [audio:

Download: Arthur Radio Voyage #18: Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean w/ DJ Ron Like Hell 5-16-2010

This week’s playlist…

[DJ set by Ron Like Hell w/ Ivy Meadows + Hairy Painter]

burning spear – foggy road
oval – do while
dream syndicate – days of niagara
uusitalo – live at OFFF festival 2009
Son.Sine – Upekah – Nurture records
Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – The Choice – 4ad
Brightblack Morninglight – Gathered Years – Matador
Joe Henderson – Current Events – Milestone
Troupe Majidi – Khilili – Sublime Frequencies
Cro-Magnon – Organic Sundown
Flying Lizards – Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On – Statik
Rune Lindbæk – OK, Kjør Romskip – (
Lee Hazlewood – Monday Morning
Rachel Sweet – It’s So Different Here
‘Spiew Juchasa – Wspomnienia Sabaly
Colin Newman – Fish 3
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Vildgolia (Deaf, Dumb & Blind)
The Trolley Dollies – Space Cake (a DJ Harvey mix)
carl craig & mortiz von oswald – re-composed (side d)
cosmic jokers – cosmic joke (
solarbeatt (
daevid allen – only make love if you want to
amps for christ – grey funnel
Faust – C’est Com…Com…Compliqué
robert fripp & brian eno – meissa
noveller – telecin
thee oh sees – drone number one
Susan Christie – Yesterday, Where’s My Mind?
dan graham – rock my religion
Thomas Leer – Letter From America
Füxa – Electric Sound Of Summer
Unrest – UFO
“civil disobedience is civil defense” segment from Animal Liberation LP
margaret dygas – frankly
I.U.D. – mary unmargaret
Ricardo Villalobos & Dandy Jack (Ric Y Martin) – Sini Est
die tödliche doris – weltkonferenz techalpen

3 thoughts on “Arthur Radio Voyage #18: Swimming in the Cosmic Ocean w/ DJ Ron Like Hell

  1. Voyage #18 is magnificent!
    All of the Arthur Radio Voyages have been amazing but what concerns me is that they keep getting better. If this trend continues, extrapolating my calculations ahead in time suggests listeners will eventually implode into some kind of quantum-ecstatic state of no return 😉

  2. Loved this set. Ron is the only guy I go to when I want recommendations on new albums. Every time I walk into Permanent Records, I walk out with a bunch of records I never expected to buy…and love every one of them! Great piece Camilla. Well said Bob!!

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