Arthur Radio Transmission #19 w/ live set by The Beets

Above: This week’s collage with artwork by Matthew Volz

Swimming out from the Subterranean Melodic Fancifalities Exploratorium onto dry land, amorphous and amphibious flaneurs Hairy Painter and Ivy Meadows find the Newtown Radio garden has sprung us The Beets! We catch Brooklyn’s noble busybodies – not to be confused with The Beets, nor The Beats, The Beat, Beat, or The Beatles – in a brief hometown interlude betwixt their South North American (with German Measles) and North North American (with The Mountain Goats) tours, with just enough time for them to stomp us up some radio gold. The live set – abundant with garage harmonica, amp humping, flute solos, toy theremins, sing alongs, set-up banter, and a newly balanced gender distribution – is then followed by a bonus set of the band spinning recent favorites from the road into the wee small hours. Viva!

Stream: [audio:

Download: Arthur Radio #19 w/ live set by The Beets 5-23-2010

A portion o’ playlist awaits beneath…

Los Saicos – Ana
Moe Tucker – That’s B.A.D.
Neil Young – Fuckin’ Up
Meat Puppets – Climbing
Mabel Cawthorne – Tom Watson Tune
Bongo Joe – I Wish I Knew How to Sing
Daniel Higgs – Say God (side a)
John Holt – Can I Trust You 7″
Psycho Baba – Raga Gurjhari Todi
Dub Narcotic Sound System – Spaghetti Feed
Section 25 – Friendly Fires
Karl Blau – Kill The Messenger
David Candy – Play Power LP (side a)
West Coast Experimental Pop Band – I Won’t Hurt You
The Modern Lovers – The Sweeping Wind
Sandwiches – Grey Wizard
Wooden Shjips – Vampire Blues
Index – You Keep Me Hanging On
Sunburned Hand of Man – Sunrad’s Command
Henry Flynt – Stoned Jam

LOS BEETS LIVE SET @ 1 hr 18 minutes

BONUS BEETS DJ SET @ 1 hr 40 minutes

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