Arthur Radio Transmission #21 w/ Thomas (Ted) Rees

Excerpt from “filth-scape,” a manuscript of poetry by Thomas (Ted) Rees:

The Fence Dream
Goes like this: God is a burglar rob you straight out of the womb. Yes, God is a burglar rob you straight out of the womb. Oh, God is a burglar rob you out too soon and drops you on a wide boulevard. Air is full of money, collapsing coarseness. The new agora strokes your nipples and laces its fingers through your belt loops. Resulting constancy of blue balls drives the pursuit of plasticity, solace. You walk, electricity caresses every step, blink, a new sensation of blankness. As touch screens don’t touch back. Visibility is created by wallet thickness and frequency of use, so no one can see your body as you meander. Burgled of corporeality, you sense a smile on your unseeable visage. Beyond the city, another, never-wavering polis of compulsory paper-shuffling, turning in on itself. Praise the world’s pollyanna for gifting you, unseen. See.

STREAM IT: [audio:

DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #21 w/ Thomas (Ted) Rees 6-13-2010

This week’s playlist…

[DJ set by Hairy Painter + Ivy Meadows]


David Grubbs & F.S. Blumm – Back To The Plants 7″ (side a)
Joseph Beuys -Ja Ja Ja / Ne Ne Ne
Woods – Til The Sun Rips (excerpt)
Art Ensemble of Chicago – Brain for the Seine
Lydia Lunch – What it is
Fursaxa – Poppy Opera
Yoko Ono – (Aspen Flexidisc)
Range Rats – Blues Coming Down
John Lee Zeigler – Who’s Gonna Be Your Man?
Diamanda Galas -Eyes Without Blood
George-Edwards Group – Planets and Stars
The Beach Boys – Cool Cool Water
Cisco Houston – The Dying Cowboy
Laurie Anderson – The Big Top / It Was Up In The Mountains
Alan Watts – Love You
Charles Plymell – 100 Flies on an Airplane Flying Around The World
Family Band – No Sound
Crazy Dreams Band – Asian Rollers
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Ame Debout
Popol Vuh – Schon Bist Du Vor Menschensohnen

[Thomas (Ted) Rees reads “filth-scape” at Perfect Wave Gallery June 12 2010] @ 1hr 05minutes

[Ira Cohen reads “The Majoon Traveler” in echo chamber] @ 1hr 35minutes

Ramble Tamble
Pauline Oliveros / Deep Listening Band

7 thoughts on “Arthur Radio Transmission #21 w/ Thomas (Ted) Rees

  1. I seeem to only get just over half the show.

    And I get stopped from downloading.

    Can you explain???

    Loving it all just want EVERYTHING.

    I am in France.

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