Arthur Radio Transmission #25 w/ JAMES FERRARO

Flipping sonic channels on a cosmic TV, we begin this episode of Arthur Radio as sound traveling through an electrical conduit, crackling back and forth between fragmented news stories, advertisement jingles, and satellite static. At the end of the wire we are released into a gaseous, airy atmosphere, where we mutate into Krypton floating in a fluorescent purple light bulb. It is in this alien terrain that we meet our otherworldly special guest James Ferraro @ 55:55 mins, who slowly takes a human form before our eyes.

Manning the helm of a translucent convertible, he drives us down an interstellar slide until we eventually land on Highway 1, blaring an 80s hit grittily at top volume on the car radio, an orange pink and yellow sunset sparkling above the horizon. Many miles away, at the top of Mount Everest’s K2, an avalanche begins to rumble, stirring the perfect sea of snow below. We are everywhere at once; all possibilities exist simultaneously. Traversing between them has never been easier.

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DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #25 w/ JAMES FERRARO 7-18-2010

playlist ☛☛☛

harry roche constellation – spiral
white rainbow – gnar (remix of gnar)
judy jaeger – light leaks light clings (side a)
…alpha binaural beats…
sensations’ fix – nuclear war in your brain
akiane –
josh burke – sea of miracles / gliding (aguirre records)
dimensions – tomato side a (I)
m2 – tone exploitation
robert A.A. lowe & rose lazar – Ŭyndham-a Horloĝo
the samps – F.X.N.C. (33rpm)
brian eno – dunwich beach, autumn 1960
sesame street – seahorse song
la düsseldorf – rheinita
wicked witch – electric war


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