Inter-Dimensional Music, Sundays on KRTS Marfa

Moonlight on Ranch Road 2810, aka Pinto Canyon Road (more at Into the Green)

Join me, Arthur Vaultkeeper Daniel “Chambo” Chamberlin, and deeply embedded Marfa boho David Hollander as we return this Sunday night with a fresh two hour broadcast of New Age, ritualistic drone and long-goner psychedelic vibrations. We’ll be transmitting from 9-11pm (CST) on KRTS Marfa, 93.5 FM if you happen to dwell on or around the Marfa Plateau of Far West Texas. Otherwise intercept the smoke signals from our wi-fires at

Scope the playlist from last week’s show after the jump.

“Orbiter Dicta” – Jonas Reinhardt from Powers of Audition
“Currents of Electrostasy” – Tim Hecker from An Imaginary Country
“To Finally Forget it All” – bvdub from The Art of Dying Alone
“Returnal feat. Antony (Remixed by Christian Fennesz)” – Oneohtrix Point Never from the Returnal single
“WARN-U” – Ayshay
“Sky Ramping” – Skyramps from Days of Thunder
“Vacation” – Mark McGuire from Vacation Days
“Your Beard Is Growing Psychic” – Expo ’70 from Sonic Messenger
“The Stakeout (feat. W. Giacchi)” – Sun Araw from On Patrol
“Man From Deep River part two” – BJ Nilsen; Stilluppsteypa from Man From Deep River
“Night Tracer” – White Rainbow from Night Tracer

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