Arthur Radio Transmission #26 w/ RAMBLE TAMBLE

This week’s episode of Arthur Radio begins with a late summer breeze, wafting between blades of bright green grass under a saturated blue sky, not a cloud in sight. Saturday morning cartoons creep out of an open window, on the other side of which the smell of hot cornbread begins to fill an empty kitchen. Beyond billowing white curtains, a lonesome gray-haired wolf rambles through the rolling meadows, whistling a nostalgic tune… in the distance, a soaring note begins to accompany his song, which soon escalates into a full-on bittersweet dirge of emotion.

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DOWNLOAD ‘ER: Arthur Radio Transmission #26 w/ Ramble Tamble 7-25-2010

O’er the fence and through the field…

@@@[ HAIRY PAINTER DJ SET ] @@@ 0:00:00
pauline oliveros – pathways to grandmothers
beat happening – tiger trap
sister clara hudmon – stand by me
elizabeth cotten – ruben
richard fariña and eric von schmidt – christmas island
jonathan richman – you can have a cellphone that’s ok but not me
jeffrey lewis and the junkyard – bugs and flowers
peter orlovsky – all around the garden
beach boys – vegatables
sesame street – i love trash
lee hazlewood – go die big city
beck – steve threw up
little wings – come along
michael hurley – tea song
lavender diamond – song of impossible occurrences
brigid st. john – the body breaks
smog – inspirational
sibylle baier – driving

~~~~~[ RAMBLE TAMBLE LIVE ] @ 1:15:00 ~~~~~

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