Best caption for this promotional photo starring author/once-upon-a-time Arthur columnist Daniel Pinchbeck and bassist Gordon “Sting” Sumner wins something TBD. Submissions are welcome in the “Comments” section below.


“See Daniel, if we go by the Mayan long count, I can actually maintain an erection for 26 hours…”

Congratulations, Brian!

16 thoughts on “CAPTION CONTEST

  1. Pinchbeck listens whilst Sting compares bass guitar to llama racing. “They’re fucking basically the same bloody thing.”

  2. “Daniel, what I have come to realize is that we are both out of touch ego-maniacal shit heads with messianic complexes who over-intellectualize actual suffering for our own personal gain…”

    “Go on, Gordon, Quetzalcoatl told me you’d say this.”

  3. Daniel: “You see Sting, due to the immanentization of the eschaton due in 2012, we should go to Burning Man together and experience an Ayahuasca ritual, to prepare and purify our psychedelic souls.”

    Sting: “Daniel, de do do do, de da da da is all I want to say to you.”

  4. Mephistopheles is not your name, but you still got me wrapped around yer finger, Daniel, with this Quatza-whatever-the-fuck-his name-is bullshit!

  5. In a momentary lapse of judgement, Sting mentions his time with the Police, triggering Pinchbeck’s reflexive pants-shitting due to the ounce of cubensis in his coat pocket.

  6. ” …and after my spirit animal Tiger-Might purred, signaling the viagra quandry answered, i realized dave… This really is a new age before us, and im beginning to think maybe it was yanni who was right all along…”

    “Well said! An instant syncronicity. I was just thinking that sting… also, could i stay at your place in 2013, brother?”

  7. Well Daniel, Now that youve anointed yourself psychedeilic guru of the millenials i need to tell you something. Being a tantric doucebag is hard, no pun intended.

  8. Daniel Pinchbeck listens in disappointment while Sting breaks the news to him that the cosmic beings he saw on ayahuasca were merely the many tips of Sting’s spirit-penis poking through the void.

  9. Orchid in the Background: I am Stuck Between A Whack and a Weird Place

    (ps the film this still is taken from is playing in nyc this weekend. you could host an mst3k live caption contest)

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