A Poem from John Bennett

Overriding a Handicap
by John Bennett

Back a
few years
my granddaughter
hooked up
with this
scrawny kid
named Andy
at a
Rainbow Family
gathering in
Arkansas &
then at a
Hempfest rally
in Seattle the
police towed my
van from where
Andy had
parked it
in a
no-parking zone.

Outraged at
authority as
he always is
he climbed the
cyclone fence
at the
holding compound &
tried to
run the van
thru the gate.

Unlike in
the movies
the gate
didn’t budge &
they both
got busted.

Andy skipped
out on the
court date &
left my
with a
$7,000 fine
that she’s
paying off
$25 a month.

People tell me
he’s bipolar
manic depressant
maybe even
schizophrenic but
if he
crosses my
path again
I’m going to
throw him
up against
the wall &
slap his
face til his
nose bleeds.

One thought on “A Poem from John Bennett

  1. Big money got family and organization disrupters (yep, they manipulate, ripoff and ruin your daughters) that slide easily in and out of psych wards and jail, totally protected by big money/police mafia apparatus..Posing as outcasts, anarchists and the like, they hijack the wheel and steer it to Hell..They grow ’em in our alienated society, too, maybe he’s just another fucked up kid..Either way, yes, beat him to a pulp when it rears its hideous head is the common response…But, also may be the INTENDED action..(who’s paranoid anymore)..

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