Arthur Radio Transmission #29 w/ SONNY SMITH

…………:In which wanderlusting scribe, Sunsets’ smith, and all around luminous luminary Sonny Smith lands a jet plane in the Newtown laboratory/public swimming pool just in time to solo-ly saturate the airwaves with new tales of color, youth, wooing, and woe.

…………:In which prior airwave-saturators Ramble Tamble return to rotate a mighty fine short stack of vinyl diskettes at all the right speeds.

…………:In which Ivy Meadows unfurls a comfy sonic tablecloth upon the dewy green grassy grass grass for all tomorrows’ picnicings and dreamings.

…………And Hairy Painter rolls in the closing curtains with an iridescent cloud of sonic dust.

Above: Sonny tuning in the Newtown Radio studio.

STREAM: [audio:

DOWNLOAD: Arthur Radio Transmission #29 w/ Sonny Smith 8-15-2010

Playlist below…

[ Ivy DJs @ 00:00 mins ]

Assemble Head In Sunburst Cloud – The Chocolate Maiden’s Misty Summer Morning
Sun City Girls – Space Prophet Drogon
Sharon Van Etten – Love More
Woody Guthrie – Grassy Grass Grass (Grow Grow Grow)
Alps – Black Mountain
MV & EE – Tea Devil live @ Bank Row, Greenfield, MA
Sonny Sharrock – Three Portraits Of Linda, All Black
Them Natives – Nighttime Whispers & Ginseng
Magic Lanterns – Underwater Dynasty
Saddar Bazaar – Shamsa (Sunburst)
Neil Young – Vampire Blues

[ Live set by SONNY SMITH @ 44:55 mins, w/ interview by Evie Elman ]

Quix*o*tic – I’m the Light of This World

[ BONUS DJ set by Ramble Tamble @ 1:13:17 mins ]

Sun City Girls – My painted Tomb
John Lee Ziegler – Unknown
SCG – Helwa Shak/Moment of a Million Lands
Hoyt Axton – California Women
Yes – Sound Chaser
India National Sitar Ensemble – Suite for 2 Sitars & Indian Folk Ensemble~pt. 1
Lee Hazlewood – Pour Man
Marvin Rainwater – My Brand of Blues
gnawa tape – Unknown
Tom T Hall – Pay No Attention to Alice
Jerry Reed – Ko Ko Joe

[ Hairy DJs @ 1:43:37 mins]

General Strike – Interplanetary Music/Interplanetary Dub
The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World
Harry Nilsson – Many Rivers to Cross
Arturo Stalteri – Here Come the Warm Jets

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