Notes: Poster artwork and design by Arik Roper. Devendra Banhart performed a set but could not be announced in promotion because he had an upcoming headlining show in the area. Pole, Dos (featuring Mike Watt and Kira), The Night Porter (featuring Carla Bozulich), Fatso Jetson, Young Jazz Giants, The Time Flys, Geronimo and poets Michael Brownstein and Charles Potts were special guests added to the program after the poster had been printed. Deejays included Brian Turner (WFMU) and Plastic Crimewave. “Film No. 5 (Smile)” by Yoko Ono starring John Lennon was screened on the main stage, as well as excerpts from Henry Jacobs’ “The Fine Art of Goofing Off.” Yoko Ono’s appearance included a performance of ONOCHORD. ArthurFest was filmed by Lance Bangs.

5 thoughts on “ARTHURFEST 2005

    • Mary – Unfortunately, no. A rough edit of a feature film has been completed for some time, but like many projects these days, it does not have a distributor. Hopefully we’ll be able to commercially release it some day, as a lot of money and work was put into it.

  1. Oh man, my girlfriend at the time and I had the most relaxing and fun time at this event. On the way home, after Yoko’s performance, you had people doing the “onochord” with their car headlights all the way home on the 5 freeway. Brings back some good memories. i ii iii

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