BULL TONGUE by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore from Arthur No. 13 (Nov 2004)

first published in Arthur No. 13 (November, 2004)

Exploring the Voids of All Known Undergrounds
by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore

When we first heard about Derek Bailey he was touted as being the most astounding and unusual guitarist on the planet. Upon checking his LPs out in the mid-’80s we were taken aback by the fact they were so scrape, scrape, plink, plonk minimal and alien. Yeh weird but come on, it was hardly no wave Arto Lindsay/Glen Branca/Pat Place action. It wasn’t until we saw the cat physically play that we really got it. His wit and sophistication was profound and mesmerizing. Totally unique and personable and genuine. He was also a central figure in all that was becoming mythic about both European and American free improvisation. A genre at once distinct from free jazz and any avant garde tendencies towards “open music.” Throughout the ’80s-’90s till now Derek and the world community of improvisers he’s in association with have been documented relentlessly for our contemporary generation to reference and respond to. The genre, by and large, can be caught in its own stylistic graveyard at this point in time, but such masters as Derek stand alone in their devotion and ritual of playing and defying standards and expectations. Wire Magazine scribe Ben Watson has authored a hefty 443-page book entitled DEREK BAILEY AND THE STORY OF FREE IMPROVISATION (Verso 2004). The first half of the book relies on Derek’s oral history of events from his days as a working class youth learning jazz guitar to his tenure with Gavin Bryars and Tony Oxley as a trio called Joseph Holbrooke where they pretty much formulated the concept of free improvisation as an identifiable discipline distinct from jazz. His voice is hilarious and generally scabrous as he recounts the development of the genre. It gives you great insight into his world and his method though it hardly stands as a history of the much larger activity and personage of free improvisation. Neither does the second half of the book which is primarily a forum for Watson’s Marxist studies applications. Which, if you’re not a Marxist scholar, is potentially interesting as such, but it’s written in the academic language of Marxist studies and relentlessly couches Derek and free improvisation as models in which to Marxist riff. It’s a bit bitter and stale (and thankfully tee-hee references itself as such). It’s like Watson knows he’s harshing us with text that is a disservice to Derek’s actual intellectual being but he’s overly content and obsessed by it’s all-figured-out self righteous angle. Kind of a drag. And there’s a very limited panel of guitarist reference points that reoccur that is primarily Stefan Jaworzyn and Rudolph Grey. Which, to those in-the-know is amusing, but to a novice it’ll prove continuously obscure. (The book severely limits its readership by being for those well-versed in the history and it’s participants already.) And Watson makes the most inane statements in regards to contemporary avant garde noise and other free/outsider activities misreading Derek, setting up Derek as icon which is not only completely wrong and unfair to the artists working but to Derek hisself. It’s a classic misinterpretation of creative inspiration and assimilation. It all goes to further prove that Marxism’s for squares. The book grinds down to revisions of Company concert and record reviews. A real bummer is the discographical omission of the DEREK BAILEY/ONE MUSIC ENSEMBLE split LP on Nondo (DPLP-002) from 1976. Come on! But if you’re into Derek’s playing as much as we are, you have to read this, it’s not half-bad—Watson expresses some nice insights into the nature of the culture of free improvisation. But unfortunately, it’s not half-good either.

FAT WORM OF ERROR are all set to record an LP for Load Records, celebrated home of East Coast noise and bizarro skree. Hopefully it’ll be as great as the CD they have out now on Yeay! Cassettes. FWOE have become the most enjoyable noise/dada/freak out act New England has seen since Sweet Pie stomped around the Fat City club in Wilmington, Vermont back in ’72 (check out Sweet Pie’s Pleasure Pudding LP on ESP-Disk). The members are old ex-Deerhoofers and Caroliners and Angst Hase Pfeffer Nasers. The music? Damn, it is so super fucked—two guitarist blipping and zapping through really battery dead fx boxes and a drummer who seems to be having a constant mescaline hand buzzer flash attack and a singer who will roller skate right over yr ass if you don’t move quick. It’s that good. This disc is called “NZZNZZZZNNZNZNNN” or NZNNZNNZZZZZZNNNZZNNZNZ. Ask for it by name.

You could do worse things than check out the new Nidnod label outta Suffolk, England. Pretty much a CDR label, though one that packages its CDs in simple and elegant sleeves and wrapped in brown packing, string-tied and with evocative world postal stamp. The release that caught our brainbox was the ‘sateen suutelemat’ cassette by Finland’s kuupuu which is Jonna Karanka of kukkiva poliis. kukkiva poliis were last heard on the Lal Lal Lal compilation Buried Dead – A Sociological Survey on Finnish Youth’s Secret Musical Activities and they struck a cool harmonic sphere of a chord in our heads. kuupuu is a soundworld not too unlike Fursaxa but with a more damaged faerie-like whiff, it floats and shines like a wasted marsh gas. The other release on Nidnod that we found rather frying was by long time New Zealand basement noise prince WITCYST. His …as nidnod CDR is excellent from track to track employing languid machine hums to burnt noise engine squeach. Also available from the label are good-looking discs from Culver, Neil Campbell, Opaque, Karina ESP, Cheapmachines, Midwich, Violence Beyond the Snowline and others. As far as the Finnish Lal Lal Lal label is concerned, they are the flashpoint for Finn underground noise and psyche-folk greatness (they call it humppa music) and should be delved into immediately. Highly recommended are anything by Maniacs Dream, Kemialliset Ystävät, Avarus, Sipriina, The Anaksimandros, Toni Laakso, keijo, Master Qsh, Rauhan Orkesteri and a most incredible and insane 7” by THE DEMARS called “Veriläiskiä” which is a bunch of 8- and 12-year old Finnish kids just going off, screaming, cursing, smashing drum machines. Real groovy. Besides Lal Lal Lal, there’s a helluva lot more action happening in Finland right now with underground labels and clubs. Worth looking into is Kevyt Nostalgia Records who have re-released the infamous Kemialliset Ystävät cassette, originally on Lal Lal Lal, on double vinyl. Kemialliset Ystävät, which is basically some dude named Jan Anderzen, creates a strange hypno-sound utilizing a sole-created psyche-tongue language. He’s been releasing some pretty great cassettes since 1996. Kevyt Nostalgia puts on shows at the Nostalgia-klubi in Helsinki and they just recently hosted our USA friends Fursaxa and Christina Carter. Right on. In Tampere, there’s Sweetcore Records who have released music by the improvising ensemble Drakes Medicine who supposedly kick some kind of ass. So, yeh , Finland’s fucking burning baby.

Hats off to Three Lobed Records down there in North Carolina who’ve been releasing CDs by Philadelphia’s stone heavy BARDO POND playing in ever more expansive situations. A real killer is the Bardo Pond collaboration with TOM CARTER, the superb dreamfield guitarist from Charalambides. Also available is a CD by Bardo Pond “other” band PRAIRIE DOG FLESH, a unit shrouded in some kind of Philly haze of gauzemind dating back to the ancient days of 1993. More releases are due starting now and if, like us, your mind craves Bardo Pond sound you’re in for some deep diving.

Ed Hardy at the venerable Eclipse, a distribution house for much of what we write about here as well as being a killer label releasing fine art documents in limited editions has put out a solo LP by Bardo Pond’s guitar visionary Michael Gibbons under the aegis 500mg. And if that sounds like something you’d drop on your tongue to wither away the reality of earthbound meat dreams than you are so right. The LP’s titled Vertical Approach, it’s co-released by Galactic Zoo Dossier and it’s absolutely awesome. Gibbons reaches in and glides through his eye head laying down a sweeping master stroke. Both serene and intense, the dude has freaking hit it square in the cerebral cortex o-zone. And if you’re still in a Norway frame of freakout then check out the Eclipse LP release of “Puhalluspelto” by PAIVANSADE. Total dreamskull.

Carbon Records has been celebrating its ten years on this planet by issuing a seriously hep series of CDs from its home up there in chilly Rochester, NY. So far they’ve tossed out sides by JOE + N, which is pretty much the guys who run the damn thing but make some sick weirdo sound spoo to boot, as well as MIKE SHIFLET, solo noise recording angel from Columbus, Ohio who runs the Gameboy label/empire (they released that first glimpse into the sonik wonder that be 16 Bitch Pile Up). Shiflet’s CD is called Xenakis Youth and it’s a monster car rally of blat adventure. Also cool discs by Ming, The Dead Machines, Crawlspace, Coffee, and Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen. Soon come are three more, culminating with a due-to-be-damaged one by Dylan Nyoukis, so get on it cuz at the end of it all Carbon will issue a wooden box in which to keep these babes in. Good deal.

Since you’re thinking about Shiflet and Gameboy know that one of the newest Gameboy releases is one of their most wicked. It’s a duo 3” CD by CARLOS GIFFONI AND LASSE MARHAUG called Lesbian Brunch. Living here in the lesbian capitol of North America we know the delights of late morning food with this particular demographic. It brings out the true dyke we all have rocking within and Norway’s Marhaug and Brooklyn’s Giffoni get way down to business by slipping and sliding tonguestar electronics just right. Yum.

ERIC ERLANDSON who is a dynamite guitarist and who spent most of his formative shredding years in Hole has obviously had his own personal tour of hell. He’s been lying low these days to some extent though he’s always out there sniffing the new action. One thing he’s surprised us with recently are a couple of staple zine lit books Another Think Coming (Bathtub Seed Press/Absence of Feel Publishing) and Fatal Flower Garden (Trophy Wife/Lollipop Gag Publishing). They’re both wild mind autobiographical sojourns, a mix of narrative tale, poetry and visual text collage puns. Very nice.

DYLAN NYOUKIS was able to spurt out a couple of nice pieces of Nyoukis content between porn shoots and window washing way down in the south of Blighty. Ear pricking kindness comes from his BLOOD STEREO project which is pretty much him with Karen Constance, an amazing lass we wrote about at length in last issue’s column. Here Comes Blood Stereo is in a DVD box and issued by Greek label Absurd. Absurd began in 1996 as a noise fanzine basically an extension of Genital Grinder fanzine which had been debating ball-crunching noise since 1989. As a label it evolves at whim and has released a varying slew of strange n’ odd stuff. Another Nyoukis gotta-have is his The Mysterious Blue Soups of the South CD in which he enjoys some long and not so long distance collaborations with like minded individuals such as Neil Campbell, Kyle Lapidus and Ebay absurdist Kenui Ullin. It’s released by the twisted Belgium label Audiobot with an exquisite fold out cover with obi-strip all designed and screenprinted by Janus Prutpuss who did covers for Trumans Water and others.

Another great silkscreen audio/visual jammer on Audiobot is the Moving Gelatin in a Translucent World CD by Rochester NY’s PENGO. We mentioned Joe+ N whilst rapping about Carbon, well Joe’s in this group as well playing electric detonation guitar along with the infamous Jason Finkelbeiner and electric power zapper Nuuj. Pengo has been slaying audiences for awhile now and recently have really come into their own. A recent gig opening for the To Live And Shave In L.A. original line-up tour (with Andrew W.K. on drums—this group was a goddamned motherfucker!) had mouths first watering then wagging for many miles. Dennis Tyfus did the artwork which is heavy card pages of birds and foliage in a psycho-layered realm of lysergic solemnity. It’s a good ‘un. Audiobot also has two CDs by JULIAN BRADLEY who you may know as one of the cats in Vibracathedral Orchestra. Julian has made consistently interesting cassette and CD releases through the years of his guitar pulsations and chord change chaos. Both A companion As Glamorous As Sleeping On Wheels and Ditch Us In the Doorway are two of his finest, especially as they are slipped in silkscreened 7” sleeves and attached to square cut piece of old LPs. Audiobot has other cool CDs in silkscreened madness by such crazed luminaries as RICHARD RAMIREZ (Texas noise butcher/gay satanist), REYNOLS (Argentinian dadaists/mental patients) and CRANK STURGEON (Massachusetts noise beast/maple seed demon).

Julian Bradley has a female friend with groovy blonde hair who is, amongst other things I suspect, a pretty happening writer. All I know is her name is Lauren and she’s been issuing an ongoing lit/art journal of her work the last few years called Pretend I Am Someone Else. It reads fast with ruminations of female identity and emotion and scurries through dream talk where sensations threaten to consume. Good stuff. We’ve seen the last two of four issues to date.

We mentioned how Tom Smith’s To Live And Shave In L.A. toured the Midwest and New England in late September and how it absolutely ripped. They were hawking new Smack Shire shite which is Tom’s label. The hottest item, besides the BUSH IS FILTH tour t-shirt was the long-awaited-and-salivated-for SIGHTINGS/TOM SMITH collaboration disc. Rest assured this mommy smokes tough. Tom’s relentless poesie damage howl rides the wave of Sightings black hole grind and gloop. Tom’s penchant for sweatfuck techno skuzz comes into play here and there and it makes you wanna run over a cop whilst laughing insanely to the archangels swooping in. Sightings guitarist Mark Moran joined the “original” To Live and Shave for the tour along with Andrew W.K. and Don Fleming on guitar and Ben Osker and Rat Bastard on fractured toolboxes. Each night was a madhouse of big beat jizz psychosis. Smack Shire has released an archival disc by the group XEX. I think Brian Turner of WFMU can explain it best: “For all the moaning I’ve done over the years about growing up in a culturally detached small town in Pennsylvania though my formative years of discovering weird-ass punk and new/no wave music, the truth is simply that the most mind-boggling ideas and warped musical aesthetics sprung from these places. Amidst the sea of coked-up Cinderella wannabes who played my high school anti-drug rallies, the Kevin Cronin-of REO-produced big-fish-in-a-small-pond rock gods that walked down our streets, and the sheer overload of crapola, there were mutants who had it up to here with all of that silliness. For example: HB was a one man Magic Band who would tell stories for hours while whacking away on drums in a pierogi parlor like a cosmic Sam Ulano, The Delusions were what the Velvets coulda been in a coal mining town, and Psychatrone Rhonedakk made hobbit-like basement synth gurgle for years and years and never stepped on a stage. 100 miles from New York but not quite there, they never quite got recognized, and they sure confused a lot of locals. I sure appreciated ’em for merely existing in an oppressive musical locale where the town’s one promoter was too busy hosting dance shows on TV where he got out of a Rolls flanked by ho’s and booking wheezy hair-metal reunions. xex must have been in a similar boat down in South River, New Jersey. Sporting black garb, blurting arps, and bizarro names like “Thumbalina Guglielmo” and “Waw Pierogi” (holy hell, more pierogis!) these guys represented a totally bonkers aesthetic that seems like it was taking its cues from what was being hyped in the NYC underground scene about that time: Eno, Talking Heads, etc., but in fact this music is choking under something more black, toxic, and totally Jersey. While they sang about mall rat zombies who ran around trying to catch up with fashion, they also addressed nuns and nerve gas. Musically, it sounds like it has more to do with German nuts like Grauzone and California’s zonked synth-gothers Factrix or Nervous Gender than anything else remotely in xex’s radius. What gives? Tom Smith did radio shows for a while on WFMU, and was entrenched in the LP library listening to odd finds in backwards order starting at ‘Z’ when he came across this lost gem. It totally blew our brains. There’s zilch about them on the web, as well (apparently not even the hip New York papers gave ’em a mention), and he has been threatening to reissue this baby for some time. Here ’tis at last. Turn up the minimal synth NJ underground!”

Bran(…)Pos is the name used by S.F.’s Jake Rodriguez, (who supposedly was a child star in All in the Family spin-off Gloria) and he’s been releasing cool sounding cassettes and CDs of chittering noise and choogling beat driven junk jive the last couple of years. There was great split release with Mammal last year on the Animal Disguise label and Bran(…)Pos has just returned from touring the USA all summer with such dada noise practitioners as Nautical Almanac and Vertonen. Sold on tour was a new CD on Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack called Chirphuis which shows Bran(…)Pos in self-proclaimed easy listening mode. In a sense it kinda is easy-noise but it will still get under your skin and shred it from within regardless.

Two amazing documentaries on two of the most fascinating filmmakers of the last century have been released on DVD by Zeitgeist Films. The first being IN THE MIRROR OF MAYA DEREN, a film by Martina Kudlacek. Maya Deren was an exquisite artist form the 1940s/50s who could easily be considered one of the most poetic and astounding experimental filmmakers at the advent of avant garde cinema. Viewing her back and white films is sublime eroticism without any pandered suggestion. They are dream visions through shadow and light. Her most celebrated film was Meshes in The Afternoon which took a prize at Cannes in 1947. The DVD has great commentaries by Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage (who’s short hand-painted film on Deren, Water for Maya, is, with other previously unseen rarities, included) with a score by good horn player/bad dresser John Zorn. The other doc is BRAKHAGE, a film by Jim Shedden. If you happen to dig the Criterion Collection’s By Brakhage DVD you will definitely need this. Stan Brakhage made over 400 films outside of the mainstream industry of cinema and his work with color and paint creating flicker film still challenges and inspires artists in all mediums. This is the first real doc on Brakhage where you can hear his side of the story. it also includes two early docs from the ’60s and ’70s. For anyone interested in avant garde cinema, both of these are essential.

HIGHWATER BOOKS is a publishing concern out of Montreal by way of New Jersey. If you can dig that symbiotik clash then you can dig that they have some very hip graphic/comix art mania on their shelves. First off is a fat and chunky tome by MAT BRINKMAN, one of the dudes, along with Lightning Bolt, who helped put the Fort Thunder art collective of Providence R.I. on the map. This book, Teratoid Heights, follows the adventures of amoeba like tooth/gum beings into the convex world of LIFE. If you stick your head in this and follow through it will amaze you by its flow of genius. Highwater is also the place for work by Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt (though most of it is sold out these days) as well as issues of the Fort Thunder graphic rag Paper Rodeo.

L’oie de Cravan has published a beautiful large book called Pamplemoussi by GENEVIEVE CASTREE in an edition of 800 copies and we suggest you get yours now. It’s a 12 x 12 chronicle of dreams and nightmares accompanied by the space sweet vox of Genevieve on a 12” record. The most magnificent production that the always righteous L’oie de Cravan has spun out to date. C’est fuckeeng awesome. They’ve also published a tinier item by GIGI PERRON which is a single strip of une jeune femme experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome titled SPM (syndrome pre-menstruel). The comic is rolled up ala tampon with string attached. Sweet.

Writer/artist JOCKO WEYLAND who came to light for a lot of peeps when Grove Press published his personal and insightful Answer Is Never: A Skateboarder’s History of the World has been editing a small zine of collected art and advert images. Each issue has a perverse flow with contributions coming in from all sides of the weirdo planet (some contributors, like Charles Bukowski and Henri Michaux and Jack Goldstein, are dead!). It’s called ELK and it’s up to 7 issues so far.

Time Barn Books in Nashville has done us all a favor and reprinted poet CHARLES POTTS’ seven-part poem written back in 1975, Compstrella/Starfield. Potts was revisited a few years back by us when we republished through Glass Eye Books his immortal Little Lord Shiva collection from the ’60s. His writing always offers great insight to love, laughter and candid cosmic enlightenment. It can be heady and hilarious and is, compared to a lot of psychedelic earth wordsmen, fairly smooth to the pallate.

Ian Mackaye you may know from such Washington D.C. rock ‘n’ roll outfits as Fugazi, Grand Union, Embrace, Minor Threat and The Slinkies. He oversees Dischord Records there and since the early 80s has been documenting his town in all its amped up glory. Recently he’s joined forces with Amy Farina, who we recall as the awe-inspiring drummer of The Warmers, which was a Dischord band that included Ian’s kid bro Alec, in a new duo called THE EVENS. The Evens have done a few low key gigs the last year or so and are flat-out great. Super-inventive guitar/drums/vocals interplay with a strong balance between inside melodics and outside experimentation. Hopefully records will spring forth. Discs that have sprung lately are new ones on Ian’s other label Northern Liberties. It’s a label set up for Ian to promote music maybe a little off the deep end from what Dischord generally deal with. Which is particularly true of the first three releases. DANIEL HIGGS is a superfreak poet/tattoo artist (amongst other things surely) from Lungfish and on Magic Alphabet he really gets his freak on by offering a CD’s worth of jews harp improvisations. ET AT IT are something we know nothing about, but whoever they are they have a engagingly weird yet mellow swing vibe. The CD is called I Count and there is some definite number head rocking going on. The other title is Sixteen Songs by DON ZIENTARA. Don has been instrumental and important to the Dischord years as he’s recorded the motherlode of work that’s been issued. Here is his own collection of compositions, pretty strange and personable.

FOXY DIGITALIS has been amazingly productive this last year, releasing baskets full of CDRs of excellent outside folk and psyche and drone experimentalistix. Wonderful music drifts from New Zealander (now U.K.er) PETER WRIGHT, Finland’s MUSTI LAITON and an awesome sonikscape sweep by a group called HUSH ARBORS.Their site is rich in info and offers interviews with Tara Burke (Fursaxa) and more.

We reported a column or so back about the two girls from Osaka called AFRI RAMPO. They hit the USA again this late summer and tore it up for those in attendance. We found out their name means either “Naked Rock” or “Naked Shoplifting.” One girl’s name is Oni, which means “devil”, the other is Pika Chu which means…”pikachu”. Whatever, we’re there regardless. And we’re happy to report that a CD is available from Gyunne Cassette. It’s all in Japanese characters so we don’t know too much about what it’s called but it’s a decent representation of what they do live. And let it be known: live is where total meltdown occurs. You may wanna check Afri Rampo’s own site as they have an independent CD release floating around of live recordings which is pretty raw and murky but gets pretty psycho nonetheless.

Of all the anti-worst-president-ever compilations blowing out these insane days our favorite has to be No W…NOW! A Musical Petition Against George W. Bush on Passive Aggressive Records. With a surprisingly charged declaration liner note by GLEN BRANCA and a line up which includes NYC space-zonk duo WHITE OUT, Philly free sax envelope pusher JACK WRIGHT, master blues dream star LOREN CONNORS and squeezebox sound wizard PAULINE OLIVEROS as well as art from ERIC DROOKER, this sucker delivers a sonorific slap. The CD is a benefit for the highly progressive non-profit organization Not In Our Name , an on-going project in creating awareness of Bush/Cheney’s insane crusade.

Loren Connors has been involved with creating a limited set of artworks that are superb and beautiful in their zen mind consciousness. As facilitated by design artist Masumi Raymond, Loren has created the the collection Wild Weeds in a suite edition, (8 silk screen prints, #’d signed edition of 7), and a folio edition (6 silkscreen prints, #’d signed edition of 20). Also an artist’s book entitled Winter Dawn (#’d signed edition of 25). There is also a seletion of original drawings by Loren available from the site. Loren’s work has always resonated with the concept of bliss and prayer, his earthbound vision startling, amusing and elevating those who deign to become entranced by it. The work he has done here is exquisite and rareified and probably beyond the pocketbook means of most. Fortunately it can be viewed on the site—there’s even a short film of Loren working on the pieces. All in all, they are remarkable and surely a remarkable new chapter in Loren’s ongoing creative life.

Norway’s Sindre Bjerga has released some heavy 7”s this year on his Gold Soundz imprint and they are all the tits. Three of them come in uniform design sleeves identified solely by a artist/title sticker and numbered. First up is one by CHRISTINA CARTER. Christina is an astounding singer with the most incredible claw guitar style we’ve ever witnessed. She is mesmerizing and all her work from Charalambides through Scorces and onwards has been gorgeous and special. This is one of her more spooked out recordings. Second up is VIBRACATHEDRAL ORCHESTRA from the UK and it’s a live frazzle of a piece and it cooks not unlike Cactus’ ‘Ot ‘n ‘Eavy LP did if it were truly psycho-melted. Third is VOLCANO THE BEAR from Leicester UK spinning down a surrealist vibe. Also new on Gold Soundz is a 7” by AVARUS which is co-released with Humbug, Imvated, Veglia and Audiobot. We mentioned Avarus earlier when raving about new Norway and let it be known this is some burning drone love rock. Open up and swallow.

A weird new split 10” from Dunedin New Zealand has come to us and we welcome it lustily. One side is EYE which is Nathan Thompson & Peter Stapleton and the other is THREE FORKS which is Tim Cornelius, James Currin and Donald McPherson. It is fantastic to hear Peter Stapleton these days playing some new and excellent sounds. Both these combos are from the continually vibrant scene in Dunedin which gave us so much pleasure with the Xpressway label and particularly, and still, the remarkable Dead C. The label is called UM as far as we can tell and this lathe is the first of an ongoing series documenting the new Dunedin experimentalists. Not sure where to go for this, but try the lathe-cutting joint Peter King, where it got made—they may have a lead.

After processing all of the above we needed to clean out our sensors and went to our old favorites DEVILLOCK for help. Devillock is Justin Lewis from Minneapolis and he’s been putting out killer cassettes and CDRs of sonarific rip sluice that work the canal like amped corncob q-tip electrik tweezer pull. Seriously. Real flinty. His label is Tone Filth and he’s been threatening to issue some mean sides very soon such as the Three Legged Race cassette which is Robert from Hair Police’s solo joint and an LP by Michigan’s crazed son Charlie Draheim.

Good luck, good day, we got shit to do, so do you, and, as always , please send two of each o’ your thangs for us to contemplate and process. Mmmmmm…

Bull Tongue
P.O. Box 627
Northampton, MA 01061

Absurd: http://www.anet.gr/absurd
Afri Rampo: http://www.afrirampo.com
Animal Disguise : http://www.animaldisguise.com
Audiobot: http://www.freaksendfuture.com/labels/audiobot.php
Carbon Records: http://www.carbonrecords.com
Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack : http://www.soundcrack.net
Loren Connors artwork: http://www.masumiraymond.com/7%20loren.htm
Devillock: tonefilth.justinchrismeyers.com/devillock/
Eclipse: http://www.eclipse-records.com
ELK: http://www.elkzine.com
Eric Erlandson: Ericevol@aol.com
Fat Worm of Error: http://fatwormoferror.suchfun.net/
Foxy Digitalis: http://www.digitalisindustries.com
Gameboy: http://www.gmby.net
Glass Eye Books: http://www.yod.com
Gold Soundz: http://www.tibprod.com/goldsoundz.htm
Gyunne Cassette: http://gyuune.k-server.org/
Highwater Books: http://www.highwaterbooks.com
kevyt nostalgia: http://www.kevytnostalgia.cjb.net
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Nidnod: http://www.a-version.co.uk/nidnod/
Northern Liberties: http://www.dischord.com
Not In Our Name: http://www.notinourname.net
L’oie de Cravan: http://www.cam.org/~cravan
Passive Aggressive: http://www.passiveaggressiverecords.net
Pretend I Am Someone Else: wakeuptomakeup@yahoo.co.uk
Smack Shire: http://www.smackshire.com
Sweetcore: http://www.kevytnostalgia.cjb.net
Three Lobed: http://threelobed.com/tlr/
Time Barn Books: http://www.thetimegarden.com
Tone Filth: tonefilth.org
Verso Books: http://www.versobooks.com
WFMU: http://www.wfmu.org
Yeay! Cassettes: http://yeay.suchfun.net
Zeitgeist Films: http://www.zeitgeistfilms.com

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