BULL TONGUE by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore from Arthur No. 15 (March 2005)

first published in Arthur No. 15 (March, 2005)

Exploring the Voids of All Known Undergrounds
by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore

80 Goddamn Good Things Of 2004

1/ ALBERT AYLER Holy Ghost box set (Revenant)
As Sun Ra so aptly put it, “It’s a motherfucker, don’t ya know?” Seems quite unlikely that there will be another release with such gushing importance and pleasure, mixed so sweetly, in our lifetime or the next.

2/ Here comes BLOOD STEREO cdr (Absurd)
Local Brighton UK housecleaners Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance (has anyone there reading this ever hired these guys? curious…) continue to amaze after years of startling da-da dropdead music as Prick Decay and Decaer Pinga. Now they are Blood Stereo and are even more deadly.

3/ MARCIA BASSETT Assembling box
Because I never actually sent her my piece I’ve never seen the finished thing, but Marcia’s tribute to Flux collectivism and correspondence art sounded like the Project of the Year to me, and I bet it’s fucking boss.

4/ JOHN OLSON’s stapled skull
Minneapolis summer slice. Seen a lot of fucked shit happen on stage these last few decades but seeing Olson whipping a knight’s mace over his head in sick noise frenzy only to have it shave a bit of cranio-meat and, hence, blood spoo all upon his tronix box and then keep on rockin for 40 more minutes was heavy.

5/ THURSTON MOORE nice war (flower + cream press)
Political shit box rattlers in non-prose form by a puissant who swigs where most swag. What’s not to like?

6/ BILL KNOTT The Unsubsciber (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
Out-of-nowhere mainstream publication of work by the poet both Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine pointed to as an aesthetic signifier to their own vision spiel back in the early ‘70s. Knott has been making and issuing self-published staple books for years, all great, and this is an easy way to cach his drift—a remarkable humorist/tragedist balance.

7/ GARY PANTER Light Show with Joshua White at Anthology Film Archives & Jimbo in Purgatory (Fantagraphics)
The new Jimbo book is totally maxed-out, something like a core dump of everything Panter’s head has consumed for a while. A better Dante I don’t expect to read any time soon. And the lightshow collaboration with Fillmore veteran White (plus a variety of musicians) was a shotgun blast to every brain that saw it. Sweet!

8/ JOSHUA Life Less Lost cd (Spirit Of Orr)
Joshua Burkett at one time was a dragon slayer of noise insanity with the late great Vermonster but the last few years has him journeying thru wonderful folk/acoustic passages. This latest CD is killer.

9/ JULIE DOUCET Journal (l’Association)
Hilarious new novel-length, illustrated diary by this always amazing artist. Supposedly an English translation will be coming along soon, but this is a great read even if your French is perfunctory.

The Minneapolis/Detroit nexus of suburban gore drone gets fully realized here with Minnieapple’s own Devillock (headed by Tone Filth label honcho Justin Meyers) and Michigan street rat Draheim. Cities on flame!

11/ SAVAGE PENCIL Trip or Squeak in The Wire
It has been a long time since the classic Rock & Roll Zoo strip, but Sav’s ferocious new comic strip has just been gathering strength and weirdness as it rolls along. For my money, it’s the best work he has ever done. Total crack fantasia.

12/ VALERIE WEBB & PAUL LaBRECQUE Trees, Chants & Hollers cdr
This fucker is sold out and we can’t sem to get a copy even tho these two kids live next town over. Having heard these two as The Other Method as well as their participation in Sunburned Hand of The Man we know how awesome they are. this CDR must be the shit as it’s just them—anyone got one? All reports is that it is “amazing”..damn…

13/ JOHN FAHEY The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick cd (Water)
Incredibly swank live Fahey sets from the Matrix in ’68 & ’69 with superb Glenn Jones liner notes and lovely packaging.

14/ BILL DWIGHT radio grapple
Waking up every school morning to Bill Dwight’s almost free radio show made 2004 that much easier to bear—but he was too good and they got someone who maybe tows the line more or something.—whatever—Air America wants him—here’s hoping he returns…somewhere.

After what can only be called a fallow period, this Seattle label has emerged with some of the most blasting and consistent shit around. David Cross, Michael Yonkers, Iron & Wine, the Catheters, Jennifer Gentle, Comets on Fire, Beachwood Sparks, A Frames…sheesh.

Record label out of Minneapolis, MN. It’s decided to blow our minds with a three-LP set of music by Hototogisu which is the partnership of Vibracathedral Orchestra’s Matthew Bower and Double Leopards’ Marcia Bassett. True to the evocation of the duo’s name, that of a Japanese songbird heralding the coming summer, the music plays with contemplative bliss and edged rock psychosis. Edition of 300 copies and as fine a grip you’ll find all year.

Mondo Macabro has released some of the most spellbinding visuals I’ve seen this year. They are dedicated to producing super high-quality transfers of obscure exploito cinema from all over the globe. Blood of the Virgins and Crazy Love were among this year’s beautifully fucked crop. Long may they wave.

18/ XBXRX crazy hot pants gig at Flywheel, Easthampton, MA.
One of the few bands we’ve seen where every member at one time or the other rampages thru the audience, not to hurt but to full-on boogie. Weasel Walter’s drumming is maniacally great and seeing him as denmother to these irrepressible monster boys is a fuggin hoot.

19/ TIM KERR’s paintings
After many years focusing mostly on things musical, Austin’s greatest citizen has returned to painting, and the results are fantastic. His portraits of musicians and radical cultural figures have great powerful uses of color and form, all underpinned by strong political and musical conviction. Great shit.

20/ TSIPI KELLER Jackpot (Spuyten Devil)
Harsh story where a girl, kinda mopey, goes on vacation with a livewire friend, only to lose herself in sick identity crisis. Good times.

The Master of All He Surveys had another bonus year in 2004. His books, records, paintings and all else continued to extend his proletarian art vision deeper and deeper into the universe. What a crank!

22/ VAMPIRE CAN’T tour
Well we missed it but we won’t next time and their better well be a goddamned next time. Collab between Chris Corsano and Bill Nace as Vampire Belt and Jessica Rylan who is, indeed, Can’t. Two of new England’s most weird and great noise improv experimentalists.

23/ PETER BROTZMANN & HAN BENNINK Still Quite Popular After All Those Years lp (BRO)
First lp these two giants of the world free jazz community have cut together since ’81 or so, and the combination of reed explosion and drum explansion is as monumental as ever. Great silkscreened cover art collab by the two as well. Just brilliant all around.

From Double Leopards. Insane t-shirt art and letter grafix on Chondritic Sound site. Maya’s got thee touch when it comes to wasted yet elegant spook style.

25/ KAREN L. JANIA John Sinclair and the Culture of the Sixties (Bentley Library)
A cool piece of archival gathering, issued on the eve of the Detroit Artist Workshop’s 40th anniversary celebrations. It is a killer collection of words on paper and CD. Also very fine to have Sinclair back on the radio and accessible on the web!

26/ Hello Noise Kitty picture disk (no label)
As part of the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Hello Kitty, Kim Gordon was asked to create a piece of art honoring the revered feline. Together with Coco Hayley Gordon Moore, Thurston Moore and Chris Corsano, she poked some very ugly holes in the fabric surrounding god’s ass. And the photos are very goddamn darling.

27/ RICHARD HERTZ Jack Goldstein & The Cal Arts Mafia (Mineola)
Amazing read put forth by the dead Jack Goldstein, an artist who was the strange and alienated force running through the California Mills College art grad takeover of 70’s/80s downtown NYC art scene. One of the only real insights into the first punk-related art scene.

The latest aggregation formed by Cleveland’s legendary John Morton (Electric Eels, X-X, Johnny & the Dicks, Amoeba Raft Boy, etc.) is a classic Midwest punk-glam-cuss brawl-fest. They’ll make you feel like your shoes are made of goddamn heroin! Alright!

Actress. Did you check her out in Mean Girls? We have yet to see it but we hear it’s good. Did you see her in Jane, man? Dude, she’s nice. 18 tho—fuhgeddaboutit – goo goo ga ga.

30/ CYNTHIA CONNOLLY Rural Studio Bonus Album
Cynthia’s photos are part of the underground fabric of the U.S., whether as thee crucial documentation of the DC hardcore scene, as part of Lee Ranaldo’s new book, Lengths and Breadths, or standing on their own. This is the lastest in Cynthia’s series of postcard sets, and her visions of the Alabama artist retreat where she spent some time are just lovely.

31/ DOUBLE LEOPARDS Circa 1999-2001 cdr (Polyamory)
A mother of a release by this ongoing sit down and play drone imrpov unit from Brooklyn. Track 8, play it—it slays

Bob and Susan Arnold have been cranking out top flight, intensely personal poetry & prose from all kindsa world class heavy-hitters for three-plus decades. Their stuff is still amazing, and Bob’s reaction to the Debacle of November was particularly great.

33/ DEAD BOYS Live at CBGB 1977 dvd (MVD)
Dude, I was at this frikkin gig. You can alllmmoosstt see me if you freeze frame 53 seconds into “I Need Lunch.” The interview with Cheetah Chrome now is great as is the vintage one with the band.

34/ DREDD FOOL Child of Microtones Heroine 78 cdr series
As though the recent Dredd Child of Microtone double cds weren’t enough (and they’re not), here are five more cdrs of various well-smoked out-takes, bits and pieces. Totally groovy mountain man gage damage. Grab a jugfull.

35/ NO NECK BLUES BAND Dutch Money / First Kingdom of the Ghost lps (Seres/Sound@One)
Just when you think these lads were being sideswiped with collective head up crack they land these two sweetheart lps. Really choice, better than most shit spun in 2004.

36/ SUN CITY GIRLS Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 13 cd (Abduction)
The hits just keep on coming. With their re-emergence as a live threat this past year, it’s impossible to imagine anyone stopping them.

37/ HAIR POLICE Obedience Cuts lp (Gods of Tundra)
Jim O comments how a lot of the newer midwest noise boyz are picking up off the late demented Harry Pussy. Hmm, yeh, maybe—if so, then fuh yeh go for it—regardless, this is one dark monster drip of a slab.

38/ CHARLES PLYMELL Some Mother’s Sons (Cherry Valley)
Nice to see the great Cherry Valley imprint back in business, and starting off with a fine collection of new & old poems by the last of the red hot papas. Plymell is in a helluva friendly mood here, and the joy is infectious. Nice pics too.

Total asskick feedback goddess.

Buying a copy of each available merch item from the Wolf Eyes table, after catching them at the Perspectives Festival in Vasteras, Sweden. No moldy fig, he.

41/ 500MG Vertical Approach lp (Eclipse/Galactic Zoo Disc)
Bardo Pond’s Michael Gibbons unleashes a swooping masterpiece of Philly style psyche spirit soul rock.

42/ STALK-FORREST GROUP St. Cecila cd (Rhino Handmade)
Can’t recall if it was actually released in ‘04, but I sure played it a lot this summer. The west coast psych roots of Blue Oyster Cult, with Meltzer lyrics galore.

New distribution scene run by Heather Leigh (Charalambides / Scorces) and Scottich love adonis David Keenan. Keenan “broke” the story to the world of New Weird America and here he puts his mouth where his heart is. Well, first into the arms of Heather, who as a prototypical visionary American wonder, is second to none. They both created VT and have been making available to you, the internet consumer, a handpicked trove of global underground goodness with top shelf descriptive reviews. Their site will develop into a more zine-like thing as our time rocks on.

44/ ANN MENEBROKER Tiny Teeth (R.L. Crow Publications)
Superb book of very funny poems by this vastly underrated writer.

His face on Wire’s Wolf Eyes cover. That’s what we wanna see—fuck all the bald serious DJ puds—Dillo: shreds.

46/ WALLY SHOUP TRIO Blue Purge (Leo)
Another combustive burl of wild and nimble three-way cluster-fucks from this great Northwest unit. They have soul, they have grace, they have matches, and they like to light them. That is Fire Music, little buddy.

47/ HEIRCRAFT TOTEM September 2004 cs (Polyamory)
Satya Sai Scuppety and Wooden Wand from, where else, Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice, supertripping out in Brooklyn as the autumn descends upon metropolis and sluicing it all through some kozmik regurge. Nice, with the promise of more to come.

48/ CARLOS GIFFONI/CHRIS CORSANO/NELS CLINE Graduation lp (free103point9)
Totally wild, loose free-form blast by an ad hoc bi-coastal destruction squad. One side documents their brief moment, the other desconstructs it via Giffoni’s wiggling fingers. And the further he gets from reality the more you’ll wish you had a third nipple.

49/ CONNELLY + THE MACHINES Worm Shrine c60 (American Tapes)
Hair Police’s Mike Connelly burns rubber with John Olson and Tovah O’Rourke’s Dead Machines and you know it’s party time, bub.

50/ FURSAXA Mandrake lp (Eclipse) & live at the Montague Bookmill.
Great to have Tara Burke’s dreamy debut in an easy-to-handle form, and her recent shows have been more fully tripped than ever. This night, with Black Forest/Black Sea was particularly looped and memorable.

7″s unearthed and reissued on cdr by HereSee/True Vine. LHF is a taller than me dude, real name James Pobeiga, shadow drifted from south side of Chi-town as street howler ‘70s/’80s, recorded at least 32 7”s himself—they’ve been slowly and recently discovered by the ears of such discerning madmen as Twig Harper (Nautical Almanac/Buzzardstain) and Ian Nagoski, who have compiled what they can on to cd. This shit is raw, real and on fire. The American soil will not give up sprouting visions to blow down the bullshit of right wing turdism. All rise.

52/ SHARONN KRAUS Songs of Love and Loss cd (Camera Obscura)
Exquisite second album by this wonderful singer. She conjures up visions of Karen Dalton, Shirley Collins, Judy Dyble and even early Joni. Live she was fantastic, too.

53/ MANIACS DREAM cs (Lal Lal Lal)
Stooged cousins to Finland’s Avarus, Maniac’s Dream are the sheeit as far as what is happening in the neo-fi underworld.

54/ VELVET UNDERGROUND unreleased acetate of real debut album
Found by Northwest record scum and headed for ebay.

55/ NAUTICAL ALMANAC/VERTONEN lp (SNSE/Crippled Intellect)
Awesome split lp of hectic beyondism from Carly Ptak and Twig Harper’s Nautical Almanac w/ the unexplainable solo groove game of Chicago’s Vertonen.

56/ MIKE SHIFLET/SARAH BERNAT cassingle (Gameboy)
By now I hope you know that Sarah Bernat rules hard—she of 16 Bitch Pile Up and for a about a day or two a member of Polly Shang Kuan Band. Whilst with PSKB she flew home with this heavy jam and freemixed it for this badass release. Excellent. Flip it to hear Shiflet plug his patchcord into hot machine-meat.

57/ BRUCE RUSSELL Gilded Splinters (Slow Toe Books)
Cleveland’s tireless Mr. Wasco got Russell to cough up this book of essays written over the past decade. It’s a good pile of funny and perceptive musings by a guy who has spent a lotta time on the toilet, just thinking and thinking and thinking.

Weirdo Bklyn cassette label which got our attention when they issued some new country industrial hee haw gospel death blow form the strange angel troupe of Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice. Their michel’s portal and crow jane variations tape is one of a few the band have delivered to various labels (including their own Polyamory) and it continues their roving story of folkside mesmerizations and dark cloud improv. Wooden Wand are one of the more super alive and interesting contingencies out there. They’re trekking around with Hair Police this spring around the time of March’s No Fun Fest in NYC so gas up and go see em. Most of the cassettes on Fuck It are sold out, including a great one by Racists who have some Wooden Wand affiliation but the WW&TVV one described above is, as of like now, still available. Maybe.

59/ WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN Rising Up and Rising Down (McSweeney’s)
I still haven’t come close to reading the whole thing, but have spent various parts of the year poking around its many gory cavities. And it is really pretty amazing. I can’t imagine the condensed Ecco version will really do it justice. 700 pages? Phaw.

New cassette label, they’ve released some heavy sound crack by such crazed luminaries as Dylan Nyoukis and Smack Music 7. Not sure how available these are as they come in way way limited editions of 19 or less. Nyoukis’ tape “inside wino lodge” consists of some dementoid gutteral yowling and slooowed machine buggery while Smack Music 7’s “from pot to gut” further explores Karen Constance’s flower noise mind grace. There’s other shit from something called Ones and Ykeo and it’s all decent street skum huzz. Check with label boss Daniel Mith for availability. He promises to unleash a Humectant Interruption/Can’t four cassette box at some point so queue up.

61/ MC5: A True Testimonial
It’s a drag that this documentary about the 5 ran into such trouble and seems to have been knocked off the shelves for the foreseeable future. Because it is really a great tribute to a band and an era that deserve every ounce of devotion they get.

62/ RAYMOND PETTIBON show at Zwirner gallery NYC
It’s amazing how much a blue chip artist Ray is these days. But rightly so. His work/thought blows doors on most tripe as it did back in the ol’ SST days. This particular show was remarkable with direct-to-wall paintings and lotsa great paperwork pinned around. Hung with style and more than a dark tripped smile.

63/ JIM O’ROURKE non-stop Sparks tribute
A lifestyle more than anything else. Catch it while you can.

64/ SON OF EARTH FLESH ON BONE Carhole cdr (Apostasy)
It seems they’ve shortened their name to just Son Of Earth but who knows—the pioneers of Western MA post-improv already grown out of their school ties and striking weird glam and kraut blows. Crazy…and they have some new lathe 7” floating around.

65/ Tam Tam Books’ BORIS VIAN reissue series
Tosh Berman’s Tam Tam imprint followed up their triumphal issue of Vian’s I Spit on Your Graves, with a great new translation of the delirious Foam of the Daze. Autumn in Peking is imminent, as is a Rizzolli volume of Manual of Saint Germain-de-Pres (which Tosh edited along with Eva Prinz), which’ll also have photos by Paul Knobloch. Get hip. Today.

66/ ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS reunion with Richard Lloyd
Fuck, we missed this but by all accounts it smoked. Even with Crocus sweating, huffing and sitting down a lot. Hopefully they’ll strike again.

67/ CHRIS D I Pass for Human
First feature film by this legendary punk musician and film archivist. Made for virtual peanuts, it is a real damn movie, and one of the best vampire junkie flicks ever.

68/ RUBBY BOYS cdr (Spirit Of Orr)
This label keeps issuing incredible documents from the real weird Boston underground in and around the Shit Spangled Banner mythos which has culminated in the great oomphalump of Sunburned Hand of the Man. Rubby Boys were a 1991 bastard rock combo with Phil Franklin fresh from Carloliner damage, Greg Petravoto, who’s now in Feathers (from Vermont) and Sunburned’s Rich Pontius. This is great, rambling chug informed by loose Xpressway cassettes and mystery dope.

69/ Goodbye Babylon box (Dust to Digital)
An insanely beautiful and over-the-top tribute to the fascinating power of raw gospel music and apocalyptic hillbilly visionaries. Even us atheists deserve something like this.

70/ 200 LB UNDERGROUND zine
While scouring eBay for old hardcore zines we kind of got depressed thinking about how there were no real good zines these days that had some spit, grits and tits. You know, like Touch & Go and Forced Exposure and Sick Teen when lo and fucking behold along comes a new ish of 200 LB Underground. Head “homo” is Tony Rettman and we think he feels the same way as the spuds from those aforementioned pages and has decided to say screw you to any kind of internet existence or overblown mag production and just put out a few crucial pages of good reviewing and debate. All with a heady dose of loserville gonzitis where no one is safe and rock n roll is like a monkey on yr back. Besides Rettman’s streetrock rants the newest issue #4 has an insane summer 2004 tour report from Magik Markers’ Elisa Ambrogio to die for. This mag is available from some distributors like Father Yod or from Tony hisself I’d imagine.

This German reissue label has made available a whole pile of legendary Euro lps that have always looked dreamily perfect when described by dealer scum. Most of them don’t actually live up to their reps, but it’s a lot better to find that out for $25 than it is to discover it for $250. And some of them truly are monsters. So there.

Various books published under the imprint of Cujo Arts and Litureture. He keeps making these things and they’re a whole new inroad to personal worlds of poetic creativity despite intense spelling issues. The humor and nowness are straight up and energized. He usually gives these away or sells them thru Printed Matter in NYC who sell them as “artist books” (which they are). An early skate legend in L.A. and a young disciple of sorts to Pettibon, MG is the real deal.

73/ ED ASKEW Little Eyes lp (De Stijl)
Retrieval of the great lost second ESP lp by this mystically dislocated singer & tipple-maestro. This has everything that a lotta “late night listens” claim to own.

74/ SWEEPERS – live and killing in Ypsilanti.
An impromptu solo performance by John Olson playing a little kids toy broom in front of hard grizzled Michigan noise killers. There’s a video floating around of this and it’s demonic.

Most hipsters will tell you Finland was “so 2002,” but what the fuck? I continue to be thrilled by the stuff that’s coming out of there these days, from free jazz to communal folk to archival punk. Sheesh, I feel so 2002.

Live set at The Schoolhouse Hadley, MA. A show we all loved and wanted to, like, maybe release but no one taped it (supposedly).

Reviewed this last issue—let’s just say these babe’s kick butt and this cd is a great intro to their forthcoming Load record.

78/ Sideways/Napoleon Dynamite/Kill Bill 2
Because I live in the goddamn sticks, I am heavily reliant on studio releases for viewing pleasure. These were among the movies that somehow made it through the Hollywood grinder with enough meat left on their shanks to still knock my ass into the dirt.

Tour and subsequent recording session: God help us all (bush is filth).

80/ GEORGE BUSH’s ass-clam
‘nuff said.

If you have treats you would like to be licked by the Bull Tongue (archaic formats: print, vinyl, vid preferred), send two (2) copies to: PO Box 627, Nortmapton MA 01061.

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