BULL TONGUE by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore from Arthur No. 21 (Mar. 2006)

first published in Arthur No. 21 (March, 2006)

Exploring the Voids of All Known Undergrounds
by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore

BULLTONGUE TOP 80 (+ 1) of 2005

1. VIDEO MADNESS 1 VHS tape (Aryan Asshole): Astounding lo-tek, plexiglass disturbance of TV transmission video psyche-mung. On Wolf Eyes’ Nate Young’s “label.”

2. GREG KELLEY I Don’t Want to Live Forever (Gameboy/Little Enjoyer): A fantastic conceptualist known for his Salt Peanuts from Hell trumpetizing with Nmperign, Kelley creates here a supremely sonik slipper of a disk. Remarkable. And his ice hockey skills are legendarily brutal as will be seen when he singlehandedly desecrates Aaron Dilloway’s pathetic Michigan “team.”

3. EYE Black Ice CD (United Fairy Moons): No, not Eye from Voordoms but a trio of Peter Stapleton, Peter Porteous and Ryan Cockburn from New Zealand ripping forth mesmerizing rockadrone swoop core.

4. ARCHAEOLOGY IMPULSE book, Eldon Garnet, ed. (Univ. Toronto Press): Incredible compendium of Impulse magazine materials, Toronto’s edge slicing lit/art mag of yesteryear (1975-90) with Kathy Acker, Chris Burden, Devo, Jenny Holzer and a myriad more.

5. HER NOISE exhibition and catalogue as presented by Electra (Anne Hilde Neset and Lina Dzuverovic), featuring Jutta Koether and Kim G.’s karaoke tent, Christina Kubitsh wonderment and other femme sound noise installations. Wish we were there.

6. SIBYLLE BAIER Colour Green CD (Orange Twin): Total, heart/mind-melt acoustic bedroom action, recorded in the early ‘70s by a German woman, whose only known recording was as part of the soundtrack from Wim Wenders’ Alice in the Cities. Lost until now, but recovered through a weird chain of events. Couldn’t be better.

7. DEAD MACHINES / DOUBLE LEOPARDS Fuck Victoriaville one-sided LP (American Tapes): Say no more. killer kuts from krazy kids kreeped by kanada.

8. REBECCA GODFREY Under The Bridge book (Simon & Schuster): Detailed account of the before, during and after killing of 14-year-old Reena Virk by other teenagers in View Royal, Canada in 1998, penned by the author of the amazing The Torn Skirt from a few years back. Excellent perspective of teenage foster home psychosis.

9. MARY GAITSKILL Veronica book (Pantheon): Rich, deep language reveals the heart and soul of an aging supermodel. Uncorny and heavy thought trip.

10. MUGSHOTS cassette series (Fargone): Ass-crackling noise cassette design series with new and classic jammers from The Cherry Point, Roxanne Jean Polise, Monster Dudes and other remarkable destructos.

11. CAN’T New Secret LP (RRR ): This was Jessica’s year all the way. Along with this wicked pic disc was a slew of hot cassette releases like Private Time, Long Slow Changes and her mother of a 7-inch on Ultra Eczema. All exhibit Rylan as an altogether distinctive force/voice in noise newness.

12. PRURIENT / AARON DILLOWAY Disappearance of the Maya 4Xcs (Hospital): Dominick Fernow has always been there with the most scarring and borderline insane vocal chord insane asylum dance. Here he connex wwith Aaron Dilloway fresh from sick head trip days in distant lands where snakes dance for men with rotting eye sockets.

13. SICK LLAMA unholy ghost 3Xcs (Fag Tapes): Heath Moerland continues his spread of infectious assault with a stunning release blitzkrieg from his Fag Tapes empire. Sick Llama is his skum drool of sound project and it’s been consistently mindwiping.

14. TARPIS TULA Steel Rods Bruise Butterflies CDR (Chocolate Monk): Love buzz stoned humz from the heart-to-heart village core of David Keenan and Heather Leigh Murray. Mmmm.

15. X.0.4 All Alien part one CDR (Wabana): This is a reissue of a monster ear load from X.0.4’s Bill Nace’s openmouth cassette label. Wabana has been releasing skull + crossbones CDRs of critical swoop for a bit now and this one is most welcome as X.0.4 are criminally underdocumented and have blown out many psyches live. This shall be rectified. But this ain’t to discount openmouth, they just released a gushing wealth of material we’re still trying to interpolate. More next time!

16. LESLIE KEFFER Devastates CDR (no label): Keffer is Ohio’s most intriguing raw sound annihilator since the Pere Ubu/Devo shows of 1972. Devastates takes off where her earlier Pollutes only hinted at. Keffer is set to profoundly detonate in ’06.

17. CHARALAMBIDES Live/Dead CDR (Wholly Other): This was sold on the Charalambides’ Euro tour of ‘05 and was recorded at the earlier West Coast run of ‘04. Stark and deep and completely soul-scraping.

18. AUGUST KLEINZAHLER Cutty, One Rock – Low Characters and Strange Places, Gently Explained book (Farrar, Straus & Giroux): Grizzly, leave-me-alone scribe gets woozy in memoiristic flash pen. A great American writer akin to the primary Beat canon of which he is concurrent to but way too boss to dick around with.

19. FONOTONE RECORDS CD box (Dust to Digital): It’s not that the appearance of this makes us stop salivating about the idea of Revenant’s forthcoming set of Fahey’s complete Fonotone recordings, but hey—this is probably the most extraordinary documents of late-period roots archaeology that will ever exist. And the booklet and tha bottle opener both work great.

20. SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN Puppet Heaven cs/zine (Manhand): Thank God for Boston’s most favorite sons since Aerosmith.

21. ULTRA ECZEMA: Belgian dude Dennis Tyfuss’ label, which is an astounding palette for his own art mania. Along with Double Leopards’ Maya Miller, Tyfuss has infused the New Weird Earth with a living, screaming rush of horror confusion graphix.

22. NO NECK BLUES BAND Qvaris 2LP/CD (5 rue Christine): The other night we were at some hunting lodge for the traditional yule game feast and we kept hearing this heavy fucking music coming out of the kitchen. Finally we asked what it was and the kitchen guys told us it was this new NNCK. Which they actually own on vinyl. Lucky fuckers. Sweet No Neck have grown with their devotion and this killer double is as listenable and genuine as any of their previous output. In fact it’s an exciting signpost for them as they head into the March 06 No Fun Fest as headlining close-out act.

23. JOHN COLTRANE QUARTET One Down, One Up: Live At The Half Note 2CD (Impulse): Still the father. An amazing document of a complete connector to the star world of mythos.

24. DIRTBOMBS If You Don’t Already Have a Look 2CD (In the Red): In a world of scum perfection, Mick Collins would get carried around in a very special chair. Thankfully, that is not the case, so we get to carry around this collection of singles and outtakes and whatnot, by his band instead. What a very flat garage.

25. THE DRUMMERS: Coming out of the legion that was Adris Hoyo, Tom Surgal, Susie Ibarra, Willie Winant, et al. we have the new bloodz Chris Corsano, Nate Nelson, Trevor Tremaine, and Pete Nolan super-destroying time and space with Kong-like energy and thought.

26. MOUTHUS Told by the Water CDR (Our Mouth): Brian Sullivan and Nate Nelson blew out a few different Mouthus releases this year delighting our nether-ears with an interstellar blowout of skree.

27. LAYNE GARRETT Space Superiority Is Not Our Birthright But It Is Our Destiny (Question the Truth): A sprawling and creepingly engaging disk. Long, patient cosmo-dronez w/ ear juice acoustic guitar improvisations and just fine clackery. Dude also is righteously activist w/ direct action blog.

28. LAU NAU Kuutarha (POK/Locust Music): Laura Naukkarinen of Finland drove across the USA this year with pregnant body singing and enchanting the land with beautiful Finnish new folk magic. Startling.

29. FAMILY UNDERGROUND Slingshot Feud Vol. 2 (Sloow Tapes): From Denmark. Family Underground have been releasing awesome high-core rock eruption for a coupla years now. And it is all good.

30. JACK ROSE 78 lathe (Heresee): ‘strue that the titles are unknown and the tracking on the turntable has to get dicked with quite a bit for this to play, but what the heck. As beautiful as Jack’s recent LPs have been, there is something very right about hearing his guitar tones emerge at 78.

31. WOODEN WAND & THE VANISHING VOICE Buck Dharma CD/2LP (5RC/Time-Lag): Well, who could actually pick just one from the vast batch of roach-acid-bath-glossalia this crew has spewed this last year? All you can really say is that Buck Dharma has the heaviest outer-raunch atmospherics, at least as perceived right now. But gee, just got their new CD3, How the Winds Are Born by You (Dark Holler), and there’s no denying its tribal ring elegance.

32. AMERICAN PRIMITIVES VOL. II 2CD (Revenant); GOOD FOR WHAT AILS YOU 2CD (Old Hat): Impossible to deny that the first Am Prim set opened some very specific reissue floodgates, but don’t gripe! These two new sets actually go beyond the beyond, pulling things from the air of the past that you never dared imagine.

33. FURSAXA at the Montague Bookmill early this past year was one of the best examples of ghost-voice burn ever attempted. Tara Burke has perfected a thing for which many can only woof.

34. FRED ANDERSON/HAMID DRAKE/WILLIAM PARKER Blue Winter 2CD (Eremite) : Although it has always been easy to dig Anderson’s tenor, since he started recording again, there was never a set that really captured the genius of his incredible technique until this one. Two disks that flow over your head like lava.

35 ALAN BISHOP had a heckuva year for releases. Besides the endless brilliance of the Sun City Girls and Sublime Frequencies material (all of which you should own, if your pockets are deep enough), he rallied with some great solo stuff, specifically Uncle Jim’s Superstars of Greenwich Meantine LP (Black Velvet Fuckere), which is the funniest comedy record anyone has heard in a long damn time, and Alvarius B’s Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset LP (Abduction), which transmutes the horror he sees into a kind of beauty.

36. LITTLE CLAW s/t LP (Ypsilanti): Like a stun-doughnut set to explode in your mouth, the debut LP by this Michigan trio is a primitive cave-full of no-noise-raunch that rocks with about forty ties more thuggishness than anything else in the neighborhood. Upful!

37. SWINGSET: This magazine, edited by Steve Lowenthal, is always a good toilet read. Especially notable in this last issue (to us, anyway) was the Magik Markers illustration, which made a truly great tat template.

38. ARTHURFEST: This was one of the funnest such events we’ve seen in a while. The setting was shockingly nice and the programming could’ve only been better if they’d asked our advice.

39. ANDY CLAUSEN: One of the world’s great poets, way too infrequently seen/published/etc., gave a sweetheart of a reading at the Apollo Grill in Easthampton. MA. I dunno if you were there or not, but you shoulda been.

40. GOOD LABELS: There are a lotta labels that have really evolved to the point where it’s ALWAYS a pleasure to open their packages: Eclipse, In the Red, Time-Lag, Revenant, Load, Troubleman Unlimited, De Stijl, Narnack, Not Not Fun, Locust Music, Social Registry, Strange Attractors, etc… They really make going to the post office less of a chore than it might be.

41. NEGATIVE APPROACH Ready To Fight 2LP (Reptilian Records): The ur-point of gristle-core. NA remain the blueprint for Michigan psychosis rock n roll from punk to garage to rap to noise. John Brannon rules, what can you do?

42. CHRISTINE CARTER/GOWN Christmas CDR (no label): Although we do not go along with those chuckleheads who insist that Gown is a proposition best served instrumental, there is a beautiful wonk-gravity to the two-acoustic-guitar approach here. Vocals do emerge, but they’re always tongue-in-tongue, so even craven detractors should gets some kicks here.

43. MV/EE & THE BUMMER ROAD We Offer You Guru CDR (Child Of Microtones): This expanding/contracting band of New England huffers herewith offers one of the most insane takes on space blues since Mel Lyman’s America.

44. DOUBLE LEOPARDS A Hole Is True LP (Troubleman): Potentially the most enthusiastically clenched wrestle-with-noise terra this quartet released this year. And that says plenty.

45. JANINE POMMY VEGA The Green Piano book (Black Sparrow): First new collection in a few years by this explosively liberated poet of the prisons and mountains. Has a lot of great new work, and the section of road-world stuff is especially superb.

46. WE JAM ECONO documentary film: Not sure yet on the details about the DVD release of this tear-evoking paean to the late, great Minutemen, but it stands up to repeated viewings, even if it is a little Pollyanna-ish about the way the band was generally received during their lifetime.

47. ANNA KLEIN: Her solo set at Northampton MA’s TK Gallery made many heads wag and actually start to anticipate the Believers’ album in ways that were not previously suspected.

48. LIGHTNING BOLT Hypermagic Mountain 2LP (Load): More rock than snock, these two arty bastards still understand the mechanics of disassembling the universe brick by sweaty brick.

49. MIKE KELLEY Day is Done CD (Compound Annex) and art show (Gagosian Gallery NYC): Man oh man oh man Kelley has waaaay outdone himself with this show at Gagosian which allows him lotsa room with a whole new head of weird art steam and he went for it. Best show of of the year, no contest, with great pieces (like the Shy Satanist) which are all part of a video-charged musical of folk, folly, religion, hazing, american wildscape. The CD is integral to it and acts as a “catalogue” of sorts but if this motherfucker comes near youm GO.

50. DAMION ROMERO Birth Twin cs (Heavy Tapes): Damion has been promoting and presenting the heaviest and furthest extremes of noise generation for years now. And is just getting started with new kill action with a constant slew of his P-tape labels 3” CDR series (Astro, Dead Machines, Rick Potts, etc.) as well as upcoming collaborations with Wolf Eyes folkage. Motherfucker’s ready to rumble.

51. THE WATTS PROPHETS Things Gonna Get Greater CD (Water): This reissue of tracks recorded in the early ‘70s by a Black Power poetry collective is one of the best spoken word gowks since Rounder’s Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me.

52. 16 Bitch Pile Up Just Another Point In The Pentagram CDR (No Label): Ohio’s 16 Bitch tightened up in crucial fashion this past year and swept thru the states kicking all and any ass with ultro-zonk drone huzzah. And we mean HUZZAH! Mouths were hanging deep in drool puddled guh when we caught these killers destroying in Brooklyn a few months back.

53. MATT KREFTING (sound slipper; The Believers, Duck; beautician): Whiskey in one hand, shears in the other. A bang up job whether field of straw (thurston) or silky stream (erika elder).

54. MAGIK MARKERS: Elisa Ambrogio (gtr/vx): The only real cool thing to come out of New England hardcore is the juiced mind, the wet mix eyes and the eye-popping death of kicking legs and screaming fists. Leah Quimby (gtr/vx) : howling heartbeats and pluck-delay omniscience. Peter Nolan (drms,electrnx,vx) stare into the void. Loosen up hair wire and smoke on for the tribal rhythm love affair. Markers killed in ’05 with their legendary jaunt with Sunburned Hand of The Man culminating in crushed testicles at Arthurfest. Vote Quimby.

55. TED BERRIGAN Collected Poems (University Of California Press) and KENNETH KOCH Collected Poems (Knopf) two juggernaut compendiums by the late, great masters of New York School poetry, most notably situated in and around the St. Mark’s Poetry Project scene of the 1960s/70s. They brought the music of the word back to the people, the freaks, the geeks, the hippies and the tweeks all with a firm and thoughtful hold on the wondrous history of the form.

56. JANDEK: the 4tet of Jandek, Chris Corsano, Matt Heyner and Loren Mazzacane Connors at Anthology Film Archives in NYC was supremely surreal and cosmic. Loren’s lines of blues-death smoke intermixing with Jandek’s lyrics of doubt, suicide, loss and pain pain pain was a distinct and murky brew of way-outside-the-planet genius.

57. DYLAN NYOUKIS & KAREN CONSTANCE (Chocolate Monk label, Blood Stereo, Decaer Pinga, Smack Music 7, Polly Shang Kuan Band): New parents of beautiful bouncing future child. Will the pups of noise parents rise up to liberate the planet from M.A.N.? (see next)

58. M.A.N. Mothers Against Noise: They mean it, they want to stop you the noisician from sending your signals of distress and prurience to the sponge-minds of civilized youth. It’s the same goddamn game that Jimmy Carter tried when he came out against punk rock back in ’77. Do we stop these turd-turtles or just throw ‘em to the legion of M.I.L.F. hunters? Arf arf.

59. DEREK BAILEY: leaves the planet early Christmas morning. A touch of class not lost on this beautiful gent. His wit, down-to-earth wisdom and legacy of living music is a treasure we have had the good fortune to co-exist with. Thank you Derek, you will always be the best.

60. KOJI TANO: noise soul moved off earth sphere early summer . Koji, who recorded under the ‘nym MSBR, was a king amongst Japanese noise kings. Kept a modest profile, residing in Tokyo selling harsh tronik glory from his home/office and helped set loose a new wave of late 20th centrury Nipponoise excellence from Government Alpha to Magmax and beyond. A great dude, who we’ll miss.

61. FUSETRON and VOLCANIC TONGUE: Fusetron is Chris Freeman’s label and distribution house here in USA. Volcanic Tongue is David Keenan and Heather Murray’s in the UK. They are both the lists to subscribe to in order to be first in line to consume heavy weird music shit. no shit.

62. SKATERS s/t CDR (American Tapes) Skaters ruled extra hard this year skooting cross country and back again with butts poked high and noses down to the grinding pick-ups and amp waves forming like colored clouds of psycho-fume.

63. CONTEMPORARY JAZZ QUARTET Actions 1966-67 (Atavistic/Unheard Music) Absolutely insane issue of archival material by this Danish group (best remembered for their work with Sonny Murray), kicking out the jams with a guest saw player. One of the true fever spots on the hide of free jazz.

64. CHARLES BURNS Black Hole book (Pantheon): Burns finally finished the graphic story of diseased Seattle plague teens of the ‘70s. All 12 issues wrapped up in one sweet spot.

65. PATTY WATERS: Following ‘04’s great archival release of pre-ESP material (You Thrill Me), Patty has released a new live set, Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe (DBK Works) that shows her to be as eloquent as ever. Cool.

66. MARK TUCKER Batstew LP (De Stijl): Reissue of an astounding outsider Illinois release from ’75. Tucker decided to record a tribute to a Cadillac called The Bat by taping its “sounds,” then interspersed weird paeons of heartbreak into it and pressed it up in two editions of 100 each. Everyone backed off but now NOW this babe is a golden fleece of exquisite love n’ madness. Thanks to Clint at De Stijl for this one.

67. ISALAJA Palaa Aurinkoon CD (Fonal): Second solo CD from Finland’s wondrous Merja Kokkonen who plays with Avarus and Kemialliset Ystavat (and on the recent US sojourn a duo with her boyfriend which had us melting into the floorboards of the Montague Book Mill). Her voice and tiny instrument prowess are from some mesmer Goddess’ breath.

68. FAUX PRESS: Poetry press outta Cambridge, MA that issued a handful of boss titles a coupla years back (Tony Towle, Eileen Myles a.o.). Back in action with two newies from Brandon Downing and David Larsen both exhibiting strong word/thought laced with cut-out imagery and, in Brandon’s tome, some weird hook on cinema studies. Crazy.

69. RICHARD HELL: Richie’s been howling new wind as of late and we’re more than happy to take a snout full particularly when it’s writing as weird, personal and funny/not-funny as his novel Godlike (Little House on the Bowery /Akashic), his collaborative poetry with obscure ’60s NY School poet David Shapiro Rabbit Duck (Milwaukee: REPAIR) and his “From The Mouth of Hell” column in the Toilet Paper magazine.

70. Neil Campbell Teasel / Thistle cs (Heavy Tapes): For years now UK’er Neil has been serving up mind-jabbing sonorifik slices, each one a taste sensation. This cassette is awesome particularly as it’s part of the ever fetching Heavy Tapes series.

71. Graveyards Monument Centers cs (American Tapes) It’s strictly reeds for Wolf Eyes’ John Olson when he hits the bandstand with his acoustic bass/drums free jazz-from -Jesus’-anus trio. Amazing hybrid of Michigan noise ethos with ESP devouring devotionalz. Best jazz group regardless of genre 2005 hands down.

72. EYES AND ARMS OF SMOKE Moonburn cs (Ramparts) A Religion of Broken Bones (Cenotaph Audio) and In 3 Houses CDR (Rampart/Mountaain) are but just three killer tone comp toots from these midwest lads n’ lassies. Members of Hair Police in a whoooole other bag, dad: sweet guitar picking, vocal flower chanting and jamolodik breakdownz.

73. METALUX Victim of Space CD/LP (5RC), Metalux/Evil Moisture split LP (Veglia): Two distinct documents from the ultra-falling off the edge of the planet femme duo Metalux. When they first strted out it was just a question mark hovering over the onlookers’ heads. Now that question mark shoots beams of righteous boo glory. Head scratching as a good thing.

74. MACRONYMPHA Melting Softly Into Time LP (Self Abuse/Hospital): Who woulda thought Pensylvania anal torture core noise progenitors Macronympha would return to reap the 2005 legends-of-harsh-noise lifetime achievement award? Whitehouse for the farmboy set in all its leather sack-slapping gooniness. Yes please, more thank you.

75. BURNING STAR CORE Mes Soldats Stupides 96- 04 2XCD (Cenotaph Audio): Essential document of C. Spencer Yeh’s Burning Star Core music solo violin excursions through noise/sound/auristix. From early bird tweet damage to later period cassette/CDR sexplosions.

76. HIVE MIND Death Tone (Hanson): Michigan’s golden boy Greh is on a goddamned rampage with Hive Mind recording some of the new century’s most spirit-slicing and mind-snapping sessions to date. This baby on Dilloway’s Hanson imprint is unforgiving and brilliant.

77. DEVILLOCK These Graves CD (PACrec/SNSE): Justin Meyers (who runs the Tone Filth label) has been developing harsh drudge noise explorations with his nom de plume Devillock and here he comes to some kind of new-sick pinnacle.

78. HOTOTOGISU Ghosts From The Sun CDR (Heavy Blossom) Matthew Bower and Marcia Bassett and everything they conspire with—Skullflower, Sunroof, Total, Double Leopards, GHQ, Shackamaxon, Zaimph—make beautiful sun-kiss-moon music with shards of beauty and drops of danger. Believe.

79. BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL with LEE RANALDO 30th December 2004 (Celebrate Psi Penomenon): We had heard this duo set between New Zealander Campbell Kneale and Lee is Free was the ultimate tits but we weren’t prepared for this momma. whoa.

80. Various Artists gold leaf branches 3CD (Foxy Digitalis) and Invisible Pyramid: Elegy 6CD Box (Last Visible Dog) These were the two hand-in-hand compilations of all compilations for the year covering a sweet field of new and timeless music/action from such minstrel punkers as Six Organs of Admittance, Charalambides, Wooden Wand, Keijo, Nick Castro, Lau Nau, Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, Hush Arbors, Hala Strana, James Blackshaw, Marissa Nadler, Mike Tamburo, The Juniper Meadows, Maniacs Dream, Black Forest/Black Sea, Birchville Cat Motel, Wolfmangler, Loren Chasse, Bardo Pond, s, Andrea Belfi & Stefano Pilia, Sunken, Kulkija, Tomu Tonttu, UP-TIGHT, Flies Inside the Sun, Uton, mudboy, Steven R. Smith, Keijo, Doktor Kettu, My Cat is an alien, One Inch of Shadow, Fursaxa, Ashtray Navigations, Peter Wright, Geoff Mullen, Urdog, Miminokoto, rea C, Ben Reynolds, Seht, Avarus, Renato Rinaldi, Matt De Gennaro and a few others (it’s hard to keep em all logged in our heads).

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