BULL TONGUE by Byron Coley & Thurston Moore from Arthur No. 25 1/2

Note: The following was intended for publication in Arthur No. 26’s original print date of February 2007. Arthur No. 26 was eventually published in September 2007, with a completely different, fresh column.

Exploring the Voids of All Known Undergrounds
by Byron Coley and Thurston Moore

Bull Tongue 80 for 06

1. GOTHENBURG BLOOD CULT – New tape label out of Sweden bartering in ultra hell noise. Check out the compilation Fuck Money, Fuck Life with grinding hardcore spew from Maniac Cop, Ochu and Treriksroset. Sweden’s such a beatific place, it’s hard to figure the gore mania the noise scene there is so preoccupied with.

2. SAME BAND – Boxed Set 10 CD box (Disques Dual) Amazing documentation of a Portland, ME combo who existed in an oddball universe akin to some of the best just-pre-punk weirdos. They came along later than bands like MX-80 Sound, but manifest a similar vibe, which makes sense because their roots stretch back to the Granite Farm Band, a combo formed in ’68. Part free-form, part Zappa, part punk, this is rural-experimental fuckeroo of the highest order. Includes some DVD video footage, interviews, a great booklet of fliers and pics, and is contained inside a most lovely wooden box. During their lifetime they cut only one LP and one 45, but this set (recorded between ’77 and ’80) captures a brilliant, beautiful strangeness.

3. SIC ALPS – Pleasures and Treasures LP (Animal Disguise) It’s time for Sic Alps to fully bust out. An incredible raw psychedelia is being played here and after a couple of down-low tapes on Folding and Animal Disguise we’re steamy mouthed listening to their first LP (which is basically an early version of the band with the awesome Bianca Sparta of Erase Errata.)

4. DESPERATE MAN BLUES DVD – director: Edward Gillan (Dust to Digital) Nice to have a DVD of this great documentary on Joe Bussard, plus another featurette, King of the Record Collectors, and other bonus stuff. Bussard is a stone gas, grooving around his basement amidst one of the finest collections of pre-war 78s ever assembled. A few nice archival shots of Fahey, too. And the stories are hilarious.

5. RAYMOND DIJKSTRA – Der Triumph LP (Le Souffleur) What sounds like a man scraping broken glass on metal with brain-burnt organ accompaniment makes for one killer LP. Dijkstra has been honing his skin-splitting aurality for years and presents us this masterpiece in a hardback linen box sleeve.

6. LOU DUBOSE & JAKE BERNSTEIN – Vice: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency (Random House) There’s nothing in here you didn’t suspect, but Dubose & Bernstein lay out the whole ugly quilt for the entire world’s inspection. Research and writing are both excellent. You’ll puke. Again.

7. NON-HORSE – Rigor More cassette (Not Not Fun) Vanishing Voice member Gabriel Lucas Crane’s spirit-sonic masterpiece told in 77 chapters of beautiful mystic tones.

8. VALERIE WEBBER – Thin Little Arms Build Castles (Big Baby Press) Webber has hit a new mark with this book of poems. They glower with a savage steaminess that recalls (in part) some of Lydia Lunch’s best work. But she does not have Lydia’s vicious nihilism. Valerie’s possesses a strangely juicy optimism as often as it does darkness, and there is a humor poking through many of the pieces, letting in illuminative shards of light. Favorite poem: “I Am Bitch Almighty.”

9. JAMIE FENNELLY – Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down cassette (Deep Fried Tapes) Out of nowhere, well Philadelphia actually, tape label with regional creative-squall action. Fennelly’s excursion here looks like it would be old-timey hoedown but it’s a great dark, droning improvisation that strokes the inner gore nicely.

10. HI GOD PEOPLE / DEAD C – split LP (Nervous Jerk) Debut release by the great Australian label formerly known as Art School Dropout. Dead C’s side was live at the 2002 ATP Festival and is a brilliant evocation of elemental, abstract forces, culminating in a destroyed exorcism of “L.A. Blues.” The flip, by Melbourne’s finest, is their own, very special sorta rumble through a variety of style-dodges. Wonderful destruction of pre-dawn tongues.

11. SWORD HEAVEN – Ohio duo that blamm-oed through the USA this summer really just killing live. Super intense drums/etc music-action with a blasted dose of off-the-stage and in-yr-face performance wildness.

12. P SHAW – Strings (Pshaw!) P Shaw has long been one of Boston’s great creators. His homemade comics are jammed with crazy details and storylines that will make you spit cereal out yr nose. Anyway, Strings is something like the story of Death Rattle Cat, plus related sketchbook material. And if it doesn’t melt yr eyes, well, that’s just too bad.

13. BLUES CONTROL – Riverboat Styx cassette (fuckittapes) Sweet rolling psyche minimalism from Brooklyn. Members of the way more abstracted Watersports.

14. KA-NIVES!! – Get Duped LP (Lance Rock) Crude, stupid, intimately sloppy garage punk from Houston. Drunkenly related to the great Sugar Shack, this one will make every cup in yr house quiver like a tin rattle.

15. NEUNTOTER DER PLAGE – The Spectre Sows His Seed cassette (Truculent) Howling dark ambient spook core. Perfect long winter night blood ritual groan fest. One of the better labels out of Providence, RI.

16. KAREN CONSTANCE & LAUREN NAYLOR – Chapters PORTFOLIO (Someone Else) 20 gorgeous two-sided prints by these brain-felching UK artists—one side b&w, one side color—all images drawn from deep wells of the impossible. Corrosive dreamscapes at their absolute finest. Beautiful!

17. RUNDOWNSUN – Of all the tape labels that spray paint their cassettes it’s this Canadian label that does it most exquisitely. Gorgeous, dot-dash Pollock abstraction with lovely topographic sensuality.

18. STUMPS – Split Fleet Dodge LP (Palindrone) Cool New Zealand trio antics from Antony Milton and pals. From winsome electro-dribble through into full-blown avant-rock splooie, this LP includes some splashy guest organ work by Campbell Kneale and great wobble-vibes galore.

19. FEMINIST ACTION BRIGADE – Formerly known as Feminists Against Bush, an open-forum collective of women expressing through music, art, ideas, opinions the state of power-imbalance in regards to gender and politics. Their FAB site has the story. Co-organizer Marissa also has a wicked cool experimental sound-jam cassette on Tobi Vail’s Bumpidee tape label called Marissa Magic! Also a good place to hook up with awesome liberation-punk trio, The Punks.

20. OGX – 2LP (Old Gold) Not sure if this has been out for years already or something, but it just landed in the box. Anyway, it’s a tenth anniversary comp for the great Old Gold label, and it includes all kindsa sick shit–from the high-end improv of Charlie Parker (the band) to live duo work from Eugene Chadbourne & Davey Williams. Solid and handmade—just like crack!

21. RAIONBASHI – Chloral Works I & II LP (Entr’acte) Not sure if chloral is a misspelling or intentional. But as insanely heavy as this body-part sound/yodel manipulation one-sided LP goes who cares? Raionbashi is a German dude, part of Schimpfluch Aktionist scene, and this is a weirdo tongue and ass slap piece of amplification that is full on hot n’ nasty.

22. MONDO MACABRO – Still the coolest exploito DVD reissue company going. Highlights from this year include Snake Dancer (the highpoint of South African stripper cinema) & The Bollywood Horror Collection Vol. 1—a two-disc set with a pair of amazing satan-o/vampire flicks and great documentaries.

23. KENT TAYLOR AND ALAN HORVATH – looking for d.a. levy (Random Sightings) – THE d.a. levy BIBLIOGRAPHY Volume 1 [1963 – 1966] (Kirpan Press) Premier volume rundown of every publication d.a. levy involved himself with. With full-page reproductions of many of the titles. Essential resource for anyone into the work of one of America’s greatest voices of inspired dissent and bloodymindedness.

24. DAN NADEL – Art Out of Time (Abrams) Dan Nadel of Picture Box edited this superb anthology, subtitled Unknown Comic Visionaries 1900-1969. Some of the text is a little hard to read, but it’s worth the eyestrain to see this stuff—it’s unbelievably choice and weird!

25. THE BRATS – Criminal Guitar LP (Rave Up) Oh my God, The Brats were the perennial house band at Great Gildersleeves down the street from CBGB in the ’70s. With punk in full-on birth pang The Brats were still stuck in New York Dolls/Sweet mode with shag hairdos and platforms, starry-eyed that Kiss made it big and street-wise enough to acknowledge that the New York Dolls just plain OD’d. Thirty years down the road listening to this assembly of demos, practices, live shit and their one and only 7” its cool to hear how these guys were kinda great in a genuine NYC street trash “raunchy rock” way. Where’s our Quaalude Queen now?

26. BRUCE CAEN – Sub-Hollywood (Yes Press) Crazy, sloppy, excellent L.A. punk novel by the guy who did the west coast No Mag with Michael Gira (and others). The scenes with the L.A.P.D. are so true you’ll be able to smell the jiz on their breath.

27. THOMAS ANKERSMIT / JIM O’ROURKE – Weerzin / Oscillators and Guitars LP (Tochnit Aleph) Excellent split LP by two guys who you know’d smoke the joint heavily if face to face. Ankersmit’s piece unfolds quietly with sophisto-tension ending in a long blaaang-tone. Pretty boss. Jim O’s is from ’92 and is a full on music mix of heavenly electric bliss.

28. CLAYTON NOONE & STEFAN NEVILLE – MIMI: City of Tales (City of Tales) I think this is the correct name for the homemade comic by these two New Zealand maniacs. Neville also records as Pumice, Noonan is part of CJA, Armpit and many others. Their comics are as crude as their music, and as lovely.

29. SUPERFLUX – editors: Susan Briante, Chris Murray, Hoa Nguyen Awesome new 81/2×11 staple poetry book anthology from the po-hot bed of Austin, TX. Killer kuts from Alice Notley, Anne Waldman and a stunning all-female cast.

30. FUN FROM NONE 2DVD – dir. Chris Habib (No Fun/Load) There are some slight inaccuracies in the credits (where’s Nautical Almanac?), but otherwise this is a crackerjack display of two years of noise highlights from the No Fun Fest, filmed by the great Haboob.

31. TRONIKS – L.A. has risen up like an aural dynamite phoenix with the efforts of the Troniks label. Besides the grandeur of the California ten-LP box set earlier this year, proprietor Phil Blankenship sends us off to 2007 with five LPs of high grade resonance: Oscillating Innards Bleak, Circuit Wound Density & Assimilation, Obstacle Corpse C’est La Vie, Romance / Black Sand Desert / The Cherry Point split LP, The Cherry Point & Privy Seals Casual Sex, and The Cherry Point & Howard Stelzer Untitled. These plus the various CDs, CDRs and the new Deep Jew War 7” all make for a whole new California stun. Cowabunga, motherfucker.

32. LEE ROCKEY – Lee Rockey Music LP (De Stijl) Jaw-splitting solo LP from a Portland-based musician who worked with Herbie Mann in the ’50s and Smegma in the ’70s. This archival material (from the late ‘60s or so) is much closer to the latter—strings, voices, clutter and gums.

33. ANN STEPHENSON – Wirework (Tent Editions) Nice collection of this (presumably New York) poet who has had excellent lines in Larry Fagin’s Sal Mimeo poetry journal. Taut, thoughtful ruminations on the smell of friends and evaporating streets.

34. LORD FYRE – Destruction at 2013 LP (Emperor Jones) A founding partner of the John Wilkes Booze collective lets one fly (more or less solo) in Bloomington. The instrumentation is squiggly as hell, incorporating a lot of space without sacrificing a certain claustrophobic luster.

35. DON CAUBLE – This Passing World (AuthorHouse) Along with d.a. levy, Tom Kryss, William Wantling and Kent Taylor (to just name a few), Don Cauble delivered some of the heaviest ’60s underground poetry this country has produced (and ultimately oppressed beneath cobwebs of supermarket goop). Cauble was a mystery and unheard from for a long time but it seems he’s alive and well in Portland and has written this strange novel of a young man from 1972 thrown in a Greek prison for a pot bust. And the interior spirit drive he cruises out on.

36. GROUP DOUEH Guitar Music from the Western Sahara LP (Sublime Frequencies) A very berserk album of electric music from the desert. Doueh combines Hendrix with traditional forms, creating an extremely distorted raunch vocabulary for guitar, not exactly like anything else you’ve ever heard. Yikes.

37. JESSE SELDESS – Who Opens (Kenning Editions) Each poem here moves forward with banal yet life-force-infused lines which all seemingly relate to each other, then space out into meditations of repetition and some kind of language-prayer. Odd and affecting and issued by one of the more interesting small poetry presses currently (barely) active.

38. FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS – Fantagraphics continues to overwhelm all competition with oceanic spumes of wonderful graphics work. Some recent ones that are particularly amazing are Frank Stack’s The New Adventures of Jesus: The Second Coming (which collects all of his hilarious & brilliant Jesus strips), Shadowland by Kim Deitch (all his incredible sideshow yarns in one place, finally!) and Terrible Thompson by Gene Deitch (Kim’s father, who was an animator for UPA – and a great cartoonist in his own right.) Get a damn catalogue, NOW!

39. TALIBAN / PARANOID TIME – Air Lice split 10” (Tapeworm / SNSE) Two Midwestern bands head to head in junk star lawnmower fight. Premier vinyl outing from gut slicing Tapeworm label. All systems dead, proceed to kill city.

40. WWW.GARYPANTER.COM Totally smoking site where you can read Garloo’s seriously whacked-out blog, and purchase everything from original drawings to little hand molded rubber men. Ewwww…

41. SÉANCE – editors: Christine Wertheim and Matias Viegener (Make Now Press) A collection of writers involved with the contemporary concern of language and how it conducts itself through us sexually and spiritually. It also is the cream of the crop of the hot and bothered linguistic academia which alone makes it kind of an ink-on-paper wet dream. Eileen Myles, Dennis Cooper, Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, Ben Marcus, Jaap Blonk, Tracie Morris and others ruminate with experimental essays and examples.

42. ANTIPAN – LP (Pulled Out) It took us a few minutes to comprehend that this one-sided LP by this Sydney quartet was cut backwards, but once we deduced that, everything was ducky. Antipan are mostly instrumental, and thrash away amidst collapsing old buildings, using “standard” rock instruments to create small blizzards of feedbacked howl.

43. ALICE NOTLEY – Grave of Light (Wesleyan) This is it. One of the most critical and fascinating poets of the latter day New York School scene, originally from Chicago, intimately associated with Ted Berrigan, a master of thought-life experiential poetry, Alice Notley is one of America’s greatest contemporary poets. An expatriate for years, residing in Paris, she has one of the most distinctly American-eyed voices to be heard. Grave of Light collects a wealth of her writing from 1970 to 2005 into a massive 364-page work of art. Essential.

44. JEREMI MOURAND – We know of two CDs thus far by this Montreal unit, and they are both woozy combinations of Beefheart blues licks, grotesque French readymades and absolute tongue-babble. The first one, FOR, might be more fucked up, but Vacher is pretty well splattered too. Great silk-screened covers as well, which appear to be the work of the great Simon Bosse.

45. MOHAMMAD ALI NIAZMAND – Wizard Poisonings (Insurance Editions) Not sure who this cat is, and Insurance Editions Press is also a mystery, though we know they’re nestled in Brooklyn somewhere. Regardless, Wizard Poisonings is a boss and fast read with sharp, evocative nailings of daily life, kids, lovers and all other weirdness. Recommended.

46. THE DRAMA – ed. Joel Speasmaker Every issue of this magazine gets better. It’s a hard-to-tag mix of words and pictures about art & music & culture, all viewed from a particularly interesting angle. Very sleek, but not slick.

47. PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT – who let the dogs out 7” (Columbus Discount Records) Super-great fucking messed-up music from Ohio. Self-proclaimed inspirations are “pussy, acid, hatred.” You know they rule.

48. HOMOSTUPIDS – The Brutal Birthday 7” E.P. (Richie Records) Completely wrecked noisecore splunge from Cleveland—the only real rock ‘n’ roll city in the world. These guys are as excellent as it gets, everything else eats ass in comparison.

49. KENDRA STEINER EDITIONS – Bill Shute keeps pumping out great little poetry booklets. Newest batch has two by Tarpis Tula’s David Keenan, a Lew Welch tribute by Stuart Crutchfield, and some bracing horseracing poetry by Shute himself and Brad Kohler. Outstanding stuff.

50. UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY – So Far on the Way LP (Trd W/d / Friends and Relatives / Hello Asshole + 5 others) Dan B of the great Impractical Cockpit appears here to present his take on the folk muse. And the results have a spectacular lo-fi burn that keeps reminding me of Rounder-era Hurley at his shakiest.

51. PASALYMANY – Just when you think Montreal will be crushed under the weight of new around-the-bend experimental spelunk, here comes this wicked hot label offering extra-damaged sluice from Thames (which is primarily Blake Hargreaves of the great Dreamcatcher and Waxathon) and Wapstan (Martin Sasserville of brise cul records / Foutredieu!!!). Forthcoming goodness from the already legendarily messed up Altar of Flies. God help us.

52. RURAL ROCK & ROLL DVD – director: Jensen Rufe (Jensen Rufe) This documentary about the local scene in Humboldt, CA is actually pretty interesting. I’m not sure about some of the music, but the musicians here are great examples of exurban lifers, dedicated (more or less) to just kickin’ it out. Could be the story of a lotta little smallish college towns with a couple hundred pan-generic weirdos hanging on for dear life (or something like it).

53. CARLOS GIFFONI / SMEGMA / METALUX – LP (LAFMS / No Fun) Dream collaboration, if your dreams are in a noise freak brain. Excellent and nicely reserved unfoldings of liquid dada broil.

54. JO ROBERTSON – Very ruling Brit painter-cum-singer who has been recording with David Cunningham and sounds like a totally cool update of the great Sybille Baier. Or something.

55. CADAVER IN DRAG – Septic Tomb LP (Elephant Graveyard) One-sided silkscreened monster down-in-the-dumps Midwest pummeler. On Chondritic Sound side label. Beastly bong-snort bowel scrape and fucking good.

56. HAN BENNINK & PETER BROTZMANN – Their duo gigs this past year have been mindblowing, and their two archival CD sets, Total Music Meeting 1977 Berlin (BRO), and Schwarzwaldfahrt (Atavistic/Unheard Music), are fully with it.

57. FISH & SHEEP – Double Banana LP (Ruby Red) Amazing offshoot of Portugal outsider freaks Loosers. Scrabbling guitars and drums making waste of any concept of presentable fidelity. A sweet sick and captivating motion not too unlike Lambsbread minus the holy smoke.

58. KENDRA – Extremely interesting duo from Keene, NH, comprised of Danny Kemps and Kate Hanlon. Guitar and drums combined in all new ways—imagine! Check them out live or seek their CDR, They in Heaven.

59. R.O.T. – L’Ecurie LP (Kraak) Long awaited LP by a group who issued some intriguing drone, scrape and death-tone cassettes the last few years. This baby shows R.O.T at the peak of their game which is a slow-burn ambience of raw sound psychosis and spooked noise periphery.

60. LIGHTBULB – Live: First Show CDR (Heresee) Admittedly, there is some residual parental pride getting worked here, but the chaos Lightbulb emit is pretty special, no matter whose kids they are. Can’t wait to hear the Heresee studio sessions, although the fact that they’d turned 12 by the time that session happened may add a layer of slickness we’re not ready to digest.

61. SIXES – Cursed Beast – LP (Enterruption / Solipsist) Old schoolers who came up through the ranks of Crash Worship and the lesser known but just as skull collapsing Azog. This LP is either an inspiration from or to contemporary Wolf Eyes moves. We imagine it has to be both as Sixes have been in the trenches and were making guttersnipe noise brawl when most noise kids were sucking on mamma’s electric teat.

62. LOREN CONNORS – Night Through 3CD (Family Vineyard) A brilliant collection of tracks from singles and unreleased sessions by this great NY guitarist. Gorgeous artistry throughout, and a wonderful document by any standard.

63. PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST – Oounabara LP/DVD (Opax) Gorgeous lathe cut with original copper-gold ink drawing on one side of the disc by PPOPG’s Ramona Ponzini. From Italy, Ramona is a collaborator with the incredible My Cat Is An Alien who have been issuing varying series of small press vinyl LPs that run from amazing to astounding. Like the previous PPOPG LP on Time-Lag this one goes for the spirit sky of light and energy. Ethereal vocals and droning amp action make this a sweet ride. Other member Roberto Opalio offers a DVD of silent films to be watched while listening if one is so inclined.

64. POCAHAUNTED – Moccasinging cassette (Not Not Fun) The Skaters and their howling tongue-amp majestix are one of the more far-reaching inspirations of the noise/whatsis underground these last five years. Whether Pocahaunted, a member of L.A.’s awesome Quintana Roo, has any debt to them may be worth noting; but since we’re all brothers in the flow of noise inspiration anyway, who cares? And anyone that can conceive of this kinda Indian War-Whoop take on a great long flowing tone and tom-tom raindance drone with a tape packaged in an Indian pouch with feathers attached is totally welcome here. Does Pocahaunted perform live in full native American dress? One can only hope.

65. BROADFIELD MARCHERS – When the Lifted Connive LP (St. Ives) Totally addictive lo-fi power pop trio from Louisville with lotsa moves lifted from the Wilson brothers and Sell Out-era Who, but assembled with the ham-fisted “precision” that made Salvation Army SO MUCH BETTER than the Three O’Clock. Often such bands “mature” into something a bit too evolved for our own tastes, so sample early. Edition of 300.

66. DO IT BIG – Coke Dick cassette (milk tart records) From what we can tell the members of this elusive outfit are heralded as “murder,” “kuss,” “blood,” “creampuff” and “brookie g.” They are supremely addled. This, presumably their debut recording, sounds like an LSD playground riot which runs through a good trip/bad trip journey unlike anything we’ve encountered in a while. Regardless it’s outstanding in its wastedness.

67. 40 BANDS 80 MINUTES DVD – director: Sean Carnage (Sounds Are Active) Pretty interesting concept—40 L.A. bands playing two-minute (max) sets at some place in Hollywood. The music’s all over the map and most of it’s pretty good, but even the lousy stuff is over fast, so what the heck? So underground that the “big name” bands are on the order of Abe Vigoda and Fireworks. Anyway, what’s the deal on this trio, The Amazements? Their tune came off like a cross between Demo Moe & the Cheater Slicks. Nice.

68. PALMER IS BEAUTIFUL: THE OLD STORE & THE SHED VIDEO COLLECTION DVD (The Old Store) Similar but different to the above, this documents 70-plus shows that took place at a few cooperative venues in Palmer, Mass, between 1998 & 2005. There are some names (XBXRX, Friends Forever, Partyline, etc.) but most is homegrown, lo-tech thud. And it makes for an interesting three hours of viewing (although the very end part was screwed up on our copy).

69. 6majik9 – The Majik House cassette (Cauliflower Dreams) Another outstanding find by this Belgian label. 6majik9 are considered an output of the newest strain of Australian psychedelia but they are way more outside the margins than that. Real homefire mood blankouts that drag down into bursts of sunshine lung goop.

70. GETTING RID OF THE GLUE – LP (Pendu Sound) Good, non-standard BKLN comp album with a few “known” names (Excepter, Daniel Carter) and a very nice handle on how to sniff between the cracks. This packs a variety of “free rock” approaches into 12 inches of space that are tasty and surprisingly coherent.

71. SLITHER – Cut Scales cassette (Fag Tapes) If a recording of two improvising horns in fug-mind gut interplay is not jazz then the form is dead. We say it is more alive than anyone in moldy fig land will ever know at this point. Slither is excellent reed street waste. Today’s jazz for today’s playboys. Heath Moerland still kills.

72. L’OIE DE CRAVAN – Benoit Chaput’s wonderful Montreal-based press had another great year, finishing off with a beautiful art book by Richard Deschenes, and a wild CD3 of sound-poems by Julie Doucet and Anne-Francoise Jacques.

73. O’NANCY IN FRENCH – cassette (AQM) Weird lost artifact from the mid-’80s. Two Japanese guys who perform by creating feedback with amplified oil barrels, then controlling it by gently touching the barrels at various points. First heard on John Duncan’s radio show back in the day. Now available and it’s boss.

74. DON’T NEED YOU – dir. Kerri Koch (Urban Cowgirl) Very good documentary on the history of the American Riot Grrrl scene, warts and all. Live footage and interviews, assembled with a very graceful touch.

75. ORPHAN FAIRYTALE – Anything by Eva, the most awesome living creature of Antwerp, is essential. Her Mother Mummy cassette on Bill Nace’s Open Mouth label, the Let’s Glow in the Dark cassette on Imvated and, most recently, the Big Bear cassette on Jelle Crama’s Puik label were astounding as was her duo LP Let It Be A Nightingale Then / Whose Words Are My Words- Meditation Vol. One with the mysterious Providence freako Mudboy on Cauliflower Dreams. Keep yr antennae tuned for more future wax and wonder. Otherworldly improvisatory sound dream at it’s newest and nicest.

76. DEATH CHANTS – As above, just about anything findable from Death Chants is worth yr while if into new underground American drone realizations from places Earthbound and skyward. The self-released cassette duology called Ether Works is a good place to start. Yr best bet is to query Time-Lag records as Nemo has pretty much anything extant on this horde ready to rip into yr space-brain.

77. NIGHT WOUNDS – Allergic to Heat LP (Woodsist) Nice, L.A.-based noise-spasmo trio, recorded live at the practice space and doing a cover of VOM’s “Electrocute Your Cock” in everything but name! Semi-harsh guitar-stun dynamics and some no-waved based simple ass rhythm charts.

78. ETHAN RILLY – The Nervous Party (Ethan Rilly) Great little comic by Rilly, perhaps best known for the fliers he has done for Montreal’s Casa del Popolo & Sala Rossa clubs. This is a simple, beautifully rendered tale of medium slackness & drunken whatsis that’ll no doubt resonate with many readers.

39. IRENE MOON & CHRISTOPHER CPREK – History of Darker Florida Volume 2 cassette (arrosa zuria sarea) A collaborative effort from two people heavily involved with the long running Kalamazooo artist/theatre underground. At least we know Irene is. Cprek we don’t know too much about except his last name is kinda like Ptak in a way which is interesting. Regardless, the varying disciplines and groupings of individuals from this scene have been releasing and performing consistently great actions for years and this under the radar release is, like most of their work, a cool as hell listen.

80. ATP NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS – The heaviest trailer park crack party of the decade. Thus far, anyway.

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Urban Cowgirl: http://www.urbancowgirlproductions.com
Woodsist: http://www.fuckittapes.com/woodsist.htm
Yes Press: dustyjacks@yahoo.com

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About Jay Babcock

I am an independent writer and editor based in Tucson, Arizona. In 2023: I publish an email newsletter called LANDLINE = https://jaybabcock.substack.com Previously: I co-founded and edited Arthur Magazine (2002-2008, 2012-13) and curated the three Arthur music festival events (Arthurfest, ArthurBall, and Arthur Nights) (2005-6). Prior to that I was a district office staffer for Congressman Henry A. Waxman, a DJ at Silver Lake pirate radio station KBLT, a copy editor at Larry Flynt Publications, an editor at Mean magazine, and a freelance journalist contributing work to LAWeekly, Mojo, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Vibe, Rap Pages, Grand Royal and many other print and online outlets. An extended piece I wrote on Fela Kuti was selected for the Da Capo Best Music Writing 2000 anthology. In 2006, I was somehow listed in the Music section of Los Angeles Magazine's annual "Power" issue. In 2007-8, I produced a blog called "Nature Trumps," about the L.A. River. From 2010 to 2021, I lived in rural wilderness in Joshua Tree, Ca.

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