A short by Dirk Michener

The Boys Are Back
by Dirk Michener

When Thin Lizzy plays his guitar I can tell me and him are like brothers. When he is singing about the boys being back in town, I am one of Thin Lizzy’s boys and we just got back from being in some other town for a while, maybe doing some construction work and I just got back, and me and Thin Lizzy go to McFeelies and everybody in there is really glad to see we’re back and there wasn’t any accidents or anything and me and him do a karaoke together of that song “Jailbreak” and everybody’s cheering and screaming and singing “Tonight There’s Gonna Be A Jailbreak!” and buying us pints. Then later I tell everybody that me and Thin Lizzy got to go and do another construction job back east and everybody at McFeelies slaps us on the back wishing us good luck and they’ll miss us and not to worry because they’ll be waiting there for us when we get back.

Dirk Michener is also Cavedweller. You can find his music on bandcamp: http://cavedweller.bandcamp.com/. He lives in San Antonio, TX.

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