A Poem by Steve Potter

spotter in Paris
a recent dream
by Steve Potter
Photo by Todd Catropa

a black dog licks and nuzzles my crotch
as two ghostly girls chant and pray

over the transparent fetus of a deer
in a matted down patch of grass.

I warm my hands over a campfire,
my erection tenting stained shorts.

nearby a documentary is being filmed
at an abandoned farmhouse.

I walk through tall grass
with the pale eyed ghost girls.

dead yellow stalks spear
up between our toes.

we watch the filming
as the farmhouse burns.

Steve Potter’s poems and stories have appeared in print and online journals such as; Blazevox, Blue Collar Review, Coe Review, Drunken Boat, Freefall, Marginalia, Pindeldyboz, Stringtown, Haggard and Halloo and 3rd Bed. He edited and published the eclectic but short-lived Wandering Hermit Review. Potter currently lives in Seattle, but his feet are getting itchy again, so he may be living somewhere else in the not-too-distant future.

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