'ROTFLOL' new LP + DVD + mp3 from Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad)

ROTFLOL “No Fear” Preview from Audio Dregs Recordings on Vimeo.

E*Rock just dropped off Audio Dregs’ latest release, ROTFLOL, a LP of music and DVD of animations and videos from Paper Rad’s Jacob Ciocci.  I’d seen the videos projected at various shows in the past but I must say I had a great time rediscovering all the hyper details and sounds watching the DVD at home. — Jason Leivian

Ciocci’s music and art, along with Paper Rad’s monumental output, have been (to say the least) highly influential on a younger generation of artists and musicians. ROTFLOL is a “best of” collection of Jacob’s solo music from the past decade, soundtracks from videos and animations, as well as a selected discography of self released cassettes, hand made CDRs, 7 inch vinyl, and live recordings. The music is often composed in ACII, blasted through a series of vintage Casio keyboards and budget electronics, recorded in real time and captured onto rainbow-colored floppy discs before being mixed down to digibeta, for that perfect sound. This collection is an attempt to collect this musical output as its own musical statement on vinyl LP, along with a full DVD of selected video works (some classics, such as the Peace Tape, and some yet unseen face melters) as well as a digital download including over an hours worth of “bonus tracks”.