How to deal with mosquitoes, by Nance Klehm

nance klehm

Q: Mosquitoes are attacking me. What should I do?

To start, two simple lists –

What Attracts Mosquitoes:
– dark clothing and dark foliage
– lactic acid and sweat (from your exercising or a very balmy evening)
– flowery or fruity fragrances
– CO2 (uh oh)
– moist places in general

What Drives Them Away, or at least stops them from finding you:
– smoke
– light clothing
– clean, aseptic fragrances/essential oils such as: clove, geranium, cinnamon, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar and the infamous citronella
– bats!

Little brown bats are the most common bat in temperate North America. I see them darting overhead at dusk in most city parks in most cities. Consider building a bat house or three in your neighborhood! For plans and more info, check out Bat Conservation International at

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