"Druids and Ferries: Zen, Drugs, and Hot Tubs" by Erik Davis (Arthur No. 16/May 2005)

Druids and Ferries: Zen, Drugs, and Hot Tubs

by Erik Davis (techgnosis.com)

(This adaption from the author’s 2006 book Visionary State appeared in Arthur 16/May 2005 edition of Arthur.)

I first heard about Druid Heights a few years ago, when I began doing research for a book about the history of alternative spirituality in my home state of California. A musician, Colin Farish, described a gorgeously constructed round wooden building hidden in the woods of Marin County that once served as a library for Alan Watts. Farish told me that the building was condemned, and that he was working hard to save it, perhaps by transporting it elsewhere. It turned out that Farish had lived on the property where the library stood, a hidden bohemian community that went by the intriguing name of Druid Heights.

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