Music from another sphere: new AXOLOTL!


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Download: “Bonds II (excerpt)” – Axolotl (mp3)

Karl Bauer of Axolotl writes:

“This is an except from a track from my forthcoming Catsup Plate LP, Of Bonds in General. (The track is 15 minutes long in its full form…) It’ll be available in October/Novemberish as a vinyl LP with some complicated packaging courtesy of Mr. Rob Carmichael of Cplate/SEEN, and will come with a download card. It will also be available for download via Catsup Plate. No CD, the world doesn’t seem to need them anymore.

“This record has been in the works for a long time, the title coming from a text by Italian heretical monk/philosopher/magician Giordano Bruno on the doing and undoing of erotic bonds through magical manipulation of images. The record is the result of three years, two bad break-ups with Gemini women, a sample of 15th century Franco-Flemish composer Josquin Desprez, and massive consumption of Steve Reich, Theo Parrish and Metal Machine Music, all mixed in the Central Fire.

“I have also formed a band with poet and 50 Ft. Women member Elaine Kahn, who I accompanied last summer on the No More Bush tour. We’re called Coelom. We’re working on our first two records right now.”