'IMPORTANT COMICS' by Dina Kelberman

Dina Kelberman just released a book of new comics and illustrations!  It’s called Important Comics and it will make you think and laugh.  What else is Dina up to?  I’ll let her tell it:

I am an illustrator comics and drawings and website. I enjoy blue, red, yellow and green when used correctly.  I got to:  go to Purchase College; found Wham City; show work in lots of places and publications; tour the east coast with my friends.  Please email me at dina@whamcity.com immediately.

New projects I gots on the burner include: going to SPX in Sept., a book of my Citypaper comics, illustration for the next Nuclear Power Pants album, comics in Friends With Benefits (ltd. edition handmade art book by Impose Magazine) and Fakeheads Anthology, video on Baltimore vs. The World DVD by Current Gallery, & ISBN numbers!

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