Leon shares a hilarious new comic, Death By Chocolate, and also fills us in on what’s new with Famicon and other stuff:

“Leon Sadler is part of the UK artist group Famicon, working mostly in comics and drawing.

I run Famicon Express with Bonehouse Books, which publishes comics and artist books, the most recent of those is Jonathan Chandler’s 2by2 (Jon’s first solo show just opened in sukiwa gallery in tokyo, information here:  http://mr-boobytrap.livejournal.com/  IT CLOSES THIS WEDNESDAY)

I just finished a little zine for Nieves, and drawings for the next Nazi Knife, and I’m currently working on a MEGA MACERATOR comic book with Massimiliano Bomba, about eating lumps and stomping on shit, I’m working on some stupid computer game for Boys Empire, and maybe another Bart the General…

For enquiries visit famicon.net, lmsn.eu, famiconexpress.co.uk”