MAT BRINKMAN PHANTASMATGORIA opening at The Hole, Sept. 18 6-9pm

So glad I’m in NY this weekend for this art opening.  Mat Brinkman’s Multiforce comics in Paper Rodeo changed my life 10 years ago.  Very excited to catch his first solo show in NY at The Hole.






The Hole is pleased to present Mat Brinkman’s first solo show in New York! There are not enough exclamation points in existence to convey our excitement. The last time Mat showed a major work in New York was when he was part of Forcefield in the Whitney Biennial in 2002. I was a Whitney intern back then and like everyone who saw it, had my mind completely blown by that installation. I have followed Mat’s books prints and zines since then, from the epic Teratoid Heights book to his latest neon silkscreen zine by Le Dernier Cri, and got the chance to include him in a few group exhbitions like New York Minute at the MACRO in Rome and Mail Order Monsters, London at Max Wigram and Athens at Andreas Melas Presents. His work was also recently included in Portugal Arte 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.

But now! Mat will be filling the gallery with black ink works on paper and blasting some rooms with colored light. Plus an advance previewing of selected work by various artists from a yet to be released Necro~Demonic Dungeon~Crawl~Warfare Boardgame. What will this be like? We don’t know. But pinch us because we just can’t believe we are finally getting to see some new art from this secret mega legend artist in our home city.

We will be releasing our first Hole book in conjunction with this show: a coverless mystery book in which we see a monstrous face melting, ripping off, reconstituting, tumescing and exploding. This book may do similar things to you head as well!

Picturebox reprints Mat Brinkman's MULTIFORCE!


This is awesome news.  I remember a friend of mine showed me some Paper Rodeos that a friend have brought him from the east coast.  My favorite was Multiforce, these full page densely psychedelic adventure comics that seemed like old Masters of the Universe D&D characters come to life.    I didn’t figure out who Mat Brinkman was until I saw his cover to the now legendary Kramers Ergot 4.  This morning I was very excited to see this announcement from Picturebox:

At last, all of Mat Brinkman’s 2000-2005 comic strip serial Multiforce is collected in one volume at its original printed size. 22 big pages of some of the best comic strips I’ve ever seen. PictureBox scanned and carefully retouched these pages in collaboration with Brinkman. Come with Brinkman as he creates, explores and explodes his visual universe. Deeply personal, extravagantly visual, often hilarious: Multiforce is nothing short of a masterpiece. Big claim? I guess. But then, why not? Most of all, it’s an incredibly enjoyable thing to delve into. So, please do.