Runes for Freyja, by Sayre Vickers


Above: “Cherry double-beveled crossgrain ’tile’ style runes with light oil finish. Cream pyramid-shaped bag with a cherry button closure. This set was inspired by the Goddess Freyja.”

About the artist:

Hi, I’m Sayre Vickers. I’m the person behind Seven Sapphires. I am a Chicago-based artist, permaculturist, bicyclist, activist, and witch.

My work ranges from more traditional studio-centered approaches like ceramics or pen & ink on paper, to functional fabric arts, to site-specific installations including rooftop greenhouses made from dumpstered windows.

My projects are unified by a mindful honoring of connection and relationship:

To the Earth: I work sustainably whenever possible. This means that I almost exclusively use recycled/reused/reclaimed/dumpstered/scavenged materials. I also work to minimize non-renewable energy use and ‘waste’.

To People: Much of my work is by commission, so throughout the design and making there is the connection of intention from my hands to a specific person.

To Place: My spaces/installations are specific to the place they are built and ideally stem from locally available materials.

To Spirit: Many of the items I create can be put to spiritual uses – from meditation stools, to bowls for water meditation, to runes for divination, to vessels that can hold offerings.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, would like to hear more about my work, or just want to say hi.”

More info: