Friday, June 26: DR. STEPHEN HOELLER on Alchemy's "Red Stage" of Transformation at Gnostic Society in Atwater Village (L.A.)


I attended dozens of Dr. Stephen Hoeller’s lectures in the early 00s at both the Philosophical Research Society and the Gnostic Society. He has a delightful accent, a mischievous sense of humor and, when he stays on track, a Joseph Campbell-like command of the world’s religio-spiritual-mystical-magical traditions. A living Angeleno treasure, fer shure…

From the Gnostic Society’s website:

June 2009: Alchemy: Its Stages of Transformation

In the past, Dr. Hoeller has periodically returned in his lecturing schedule to the subject of Alchemy. For several years, the topic of the three stages of Alchemical Transformation has not been used by our speaker. This month this vital subject will be discussed utilizing previously not used material. No previous knowledge of Alchemy is required to enjoy this series.

June 5: Alchemy, the Great Art: An introduction to Alchemy, utilizing magical, religious and psychological material of past and present. How may one prepare for one’s own Alchemical Process.

June 12: The Black Stage (Nigredo): The breaking down of the consensus reality. The forming of the original substance of being (Prima Materia).

June 19: The White Stage (Albedo): The dawning of the light of higher consciousness; the arising of enlightenment. Envisioning the heavenly light (Lumen Dei) and the natural light (Lumen Naturae).

June 26: The Red Stage (Rubedo): The melting of all realities in the red-hot Alchemical fire. The ultimate fusion of the opposites. The unifying of reality (Unus Mundus).

Lectures are given at The Gnostic Society of Los Angeles, California (3363 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039). These programs are held every Friday evening at 8:00 PM. Lectures are free and open to the public (free-will donations are appreciated). Refreshments are offered following the lecture. Further information is available by calling 323-467-2685.

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